Monday, January 28, 2013

Quick Comparisons

Here's a very brief post of comparison swatches for two of the polishes featured in Manicure Monday.

The Purples
Left to right, 2 coats each of: Milani Hi-Res, Zoya Aurora, Zoya Carly
Hi-Res is, as I suspected, lighter and sheerer than Aurora, and has finer holo particles. Carly is a similar shade to Aurora, but completely different in opacity (almost a 1-coater) and finish (not holo).

The Nudes
Left to right, 3 coats each: Zoya Erika, Zoya Avril, Zoya Pandora, Deborah Lippmann Modern Love
Avril and Pandora are pretty close, though Avril is a creme where Pandora has silver shimmer, and Avril is quite a bit pinker than Pandora, which is more nude (doesn't come through terribly well in the photo, blargh). Erika is extremely different, a sheer pale pink with gold shimmer––it's beautiful in the bottle, but the one time I tried to wear it I did 3 coats and it still was uneven, so I haven't worn it since. But I think it might be nice as a layering polish; barring that, I'll probably give it away. And Modern Love is much darker and mauvier.

I didn't bother doing comparison swatches of Blaze, as nothing else in my collection is all that similar (Ruby Pumps is too red, CG Ahoy! is too pink, and neither have the slight holo that Blaze does). But I hope these were somewhat helpful!
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