Tuesday, May 1, 2012

So this is one of those ill-advised posts...

...that you write when you have been drinking. Don't worry, guys, I'm not drunk. I'm just, um, not sober. I am, fortunately, aware enough to keep the typos to a minimum (though this has required quite a bit of backspacing on my part, so I hope you appreciate it). My friend L is back in town for a couple weeks, which is wonderful because we can talk about beauty for hours on end. You can look forward to reviews of a couple of products she owns and is willing to let me borrow (thanks, L!).

I went out with my godfather this afternoon and had a couple beers, since I wasn't driving, and then went out with L and had a beer and a half (one of them was chocolate chili, and it was kind of disgusting, but I was still tipsy enough that I enjoyed the weirdness). I ordered another set of samples from Aedes last Friday, and they somehow arrived from New York on Monday; how is this possible?! I have no idea. Magical Aedes fairies, I guess. (Btw, I just had to respell "fairies" 3 times because it kept looking wrong. Don't drink and blog, kids!) I'm still recovering from my cold, so my olfactory mechanism is not up to par, but that didn't stop my betrunkene self from transferring a couple vials into spray containers, so I've currently got Serge Lutens Bois de Violette and L'Artisan Timbuktu dabbed on my forearms. You can check out sheet 3 of my perfume spreadsheet if you want to see my betrunkene notes on them. Also, hey, spellcheck, why aren't you marking "betrunkene"? You tell me "moisturization" isn't a word, but are willing to let German slide? What's wrong with you? (Also, guys, moisturization is a word, right? It seems like a word, and I use it all the time [sober], so...)

I really want to order one of the YSL Glossy Stains, but can't decide on a color! There's so many choices! And no place nearby to swatch them! So if any of you are pale, neutral-cool, with a penchant for plum lips, what color do you recommend? (Penchant's a funny word, heh. It kind of sounds like pension, but it doesn't mean the same thing at all! Like two, too, and to. And hey, anyone in the classes I have to grade for, past, present, or future, please keep those straight! As well as you're/your and there/their/they're. This PSA is now over.)

Now I'm probably going to go wash my face. Or place a Sephora order, depending on what the free samples are. Or maybe watch this tutorial for drunk makeup, for the 57th time (thanks, L). Or maybe paint my nails, because right now I'm not wearing anything and I've already lost several to peeling (sorry, left index and middle, right index, middle, and thumb). Or maybe eating leftover Thai food. Or, or, yeah, watching the drunk makeup video. Again.

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