Saturday, May 12, 2012

Skincare Saturday: Sunday Riley Cashmere SPF 30 Sun Defense Review

Yet another Sunday Riley product that I got from the generous SA at Bergdorf! Out of all the products from the line that I've tried, this is the one I like the best.
image via Sephora

Many sunscreens leave my skin feeling oily and slick with a heavy feeling that takes forever to soak in. Not so for this! It's pleasantly creamy, but not thick, so it spreads and absorbs really easily. I've taken to wearing it under my Cover FX primer, and I find it is plenty moisturizing for my oily skin, and as far as I can tell it hasn't made my skin worse, as if that's possible...It has a faint chemical smell, but it's really mild and fades quickly, and a little product goes a long way (though I do make sure to apply more than I think I need to try and ensure adequate sun protection!). It doesn't seem to increase my oiliness, and it does definitely work as a sunscreen––I know this because, after a bit of time in the sun, compared to my non-sunscreened chest my face looks very pale (as contrasted to the red that is my neck, whoops; I envy those people who can be in the sun for longer than 5 minutes without getting red, seriously). Unfortunately, like all Sunday Riley products, such loveliness comes at a price––$125 for 1.7 oz. I will gladly use up my samples, but I shan't be purchasing the full size. If you have the collateral, though, it's definitely worth checking out, especially if you find that sunscreen usually leaves you looking ashen or is overly heavy and oily.
$125 for 1.7 oz, available from Sephora, Barneys, and Sunday Riley
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