Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Grouchy stressed post (after 5 minutes of thinking, that's the best title I could come up with. I don't even know.)

Oh my god, you guys, I am so bleh. I've spent the last 2 weeks grading like mad, and I still feel like it's not right––with 75 students, how am I supposed to ensure consistency in my grading? Essays are the worst. I feel so ill-equipped to determine who gets a B+ and who an A-. Plus, there are some people who turned their surveys in late, but I didn't always mark them as such, so they're getting higher grades than they deserve, and that also makes me feel like a fail GTF. Blergh.

White bleeding hearts at Hendricks Park

On top of that, I've been way too social the past few days, and it is exhausting. Between that and the grading, I just feel completely drained, and all I want to do is hunker down and hide from the world and play with nail polish. Instead, I have to read some really technical articles, try and get my shit together for this experiment I'm running (which is also causing me great stress, because OMG WE HAVE 3 WEEKS LEFT AND STILL NO SUBJECTS, and hey, what about the whole term paper thing? I should probably be doing reading for that, too?) and try and catch up on syntax reading (y'all, syntax sucks) and oh right, syntax term paper, you should be written, too! What's that, you say? More reading? More confusion? MORE STRESS? Sure, why the hell not.

Pretty pale pink rhododendrons, also at Hendricks (fun fact: Steve "Pre" Prefontaine, the great track star, crashed his car on a rock and died in Hendricks Park. Olympic hopefuls leave offerings by the rock during the Olympic Track Trials [and other track and field events].)

Anyways. I have all these grand plans for the blog, reviews and comparisons and witty posts galore (you know you've spent too much time thinking about syntax when "galore" makes you think mockingly of those theoreticians who hypothesize that it is underlyingly before the noun, but undergoes movement, when it's so much simpler to realize that it's a relic of diachrony), but right now I am just wiped. So all that will have to wait.

Crepes Suzette with strawberries, from Excelsior; super nom

I'm going to go eat something unhealthy, remove my nail polish and reapply something pretty, and watch Happy Endings. I only have a couple episodes left, but I'm definitely planning on rewatching Penny's birthday episode, because I loled out of my chair. So yeah, pretending that the world and all this stressy stuff doesn't exist (denial is fun!). The readings will still be there tomorrow. I would buy myself something pretty (Armani Gloss d'Armani 511, new for the summer, and it looks like absolute perfection for me: a sheer non-sticky plum! Come to mama...), but I don't want to go over my beauty budget so I'm trying to hold off until June. Why can't I be a trust fund baby, y'all? The perfumes I could sniff, the gloss I could buy, le sigh. I'll be back in fighting style soon, I hope, but for now, go enter the giveaway if you haven't already!

How do you deal with stress?
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