Saturday, October 15, 2011

Skincare Saturday: Udderly Smooth Udder Cream Review

I was browsing the dollar store awhile ago looking for bins to store my nail polish in and, of course, stopped to look at the makeup and beauty section.  There wasn't any makeup that I had any interest in, but I did grab 20 black hair thingies (bands? ties? what are those things called?) and a tube of this Udder Cream.  I'd kind of vaguely heard of it before, though probably pre-my obsession with beauty blogs, and figured it was only a buck so why not?  I wanted to use it as an intensive hand cream in the hopes that it would fix my cuticles (cuticle oil works great, but it's messy and annoying and expensive).
Image from Amazon

It's thick and creamy and vaguely shimmery, though there's no sheen leftover after application; the texture and appearance remind me a lot of Garnier Moisture Rescue face wash*.  It has a weird scent, but I'm not personally bothered by it.  It absorbs crazy fast, which is really nice for when I put it on my hands at nighttime and then want to play solitaire on my phone (no judging!), since it doesn't leave annoying smudges.  My biggest problem with it is that it's not actually all that moisturizing.  I was looking for a really rich hand cream, but I fear the dollar store may not be the place to go for that.  If you don't mind the smell and only need light hydration, Udderly Smooth is a good cheap option.  I wouldn't buy again, because there are other great, cheap lotions out there (Nivea Soft, for example!), but I'll continue to use this at night until it runs out, or stops being moisturizing enough.  As winter draws nigh, my skin may gradually start to lose its moisture––but then again, I'm back in the wet Pacific Northwest, so hopefully that won't be a problem this year!  Nevertheless, you can look forward to a series of Tip Tuesdays and Recommendation Thursdays on winter skincare over the next couple months.  Whee?

*which I was afraid was breaking me out, so I switched to Purity, but have used it a couple of times since then to no ill effects, so perhaps I should give it a try again...

Have you used Udder Cream?  What did you think of it?  Do you shop at the dollar store?
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