Saturday, October 8, 2011

Skincare Saturday: Shaving Routine and Tend Skin Review

I was going to do a big shaving post, but I didn't get around to it before school started and now I know I won't have the time.  But N asked for info on what to do after shaving, so I figured I should at least do a review on Tend Skin and a quick run-down of my routine.
Image from Sephora

I've found that shaving cream or shave gel works way better for me than soap or body wash, so I definitely recommend buying some (it's less than a latte for a can of shaving cream or gel; I've used Gilette's shaving cream for sensitive skin [aimed at dudes, but worked fine for me] and Skintimate shave gel for women and liked both, so it's really a matter of preference).  I tend to use disposable razors, because my mom buys the 50 pack from Costco so it's effectively free to me, but non-disposables are better for more sensitive areas (bikini line, etc.) or if you have easily-irritated skin.  Men's razors are (almost?) always cheaper than women's, and I've found they actually tend to work better, so as long as you don't mind shaving with something that looks like it fell off a rocket ship, I think buying men's is the way to go.  There are usually coupons on razors and other shaving paraphernalia in the Sunday ads, so I suggest looking through those before purchasing anything, because you can save some money!

I sometimes apply body butter after I shave to smooth my skin, though I usually just count on my shower gel to take care of that (by which I mean, I'm almost always running late in the morning and don't have time to bother with lotion!).  Tend Skin is something I use only after shaving my more delicate parts (*ahem*), because it helps prevent razor burn, ingrown hairs, and other irritation.  It can sting, but usually it doesn't (only when I've used a razor that's not as sharp as it should be), and it doesn't smell great.  But it works, and that's what really counts.  I find that applying it directly after shaving, and then once or twice a day after, keeps everything well-behaved.

You can make your own Tend Skin with 70% isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel, and aspirin; there are many recipes online if you google "homemade tend skin", or you can find it for cheaper on eBay (I got an 8 oz bottle for ~$10, because I was at school and didn't want to go through the hassle of getting all the ingredients and supplies to make my own).  If you have problems with razor irritation, Tend Skin, homemade or otherwise, is a great solution.  Just don't buy it in stores, because it's ridiculously expensive ($35 for 8 oz on Sephora, what the heck).

Have you used Tend Skin?  What is your post-shaving routine?
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