Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meow Cosmetics Eye Shadow Swatches, Part II

I've gotten a few more samples of Meow eyeshadow (and some Wildcats, review and swatches to come!) since my first swatch post, so I should share them as well.  It was actually sunny yesterday, so I was able to take real pictures!  Wow!
In sunlight, top to bottom, wet (top) and dry (bottom): Claws and Effect, Chaos, Fannie F.
Fannie F., part of the ScandalEyes Political Scandals collection (characterized as being sparkly and glittery), is described by Meow as "rusty".
Fannie F. in sunlight, applied on bare skin wet (top) and dry (bottom)
I would agree that the base color is a rusty red-brown, but it also has silver glitter, which, when applied wet, gives it an almost duochrome look; the reflective silver on the warm rust is very strange.
Fannie F. swatched dry, out of focus to show the crazy shimmer
Applied dry, it tends towards fall out, like most sparkly shades, so put it on top of a primer to minimize fall out and do your eye makeup before your face makeup so that you can clean it up.  I tried to figure out how to do loose eyeshadow, but it's still a skill that eludes me, so I can't speak to its longevity or wear.  I can say, however, that it is staining––there was a pretty vibrant mark left on my arm after I used an oil cleanser (which takes off pretty much everything), particularly for the swatch I applied wet, though the dry swatch hung around, too.  $8.25 for 5 g jar, $1 for sample baggie

Chaos in sunlight on bare skin, applied wet (top) and dry (bottom)
Chaos is part of the new Pandora's Box collection, and is described as a "buttery caramel with copper iridescence", though it looks to me like golden yellow with gold sparkle (not so much with the copper).  Inside, it looked extremely similar to Claws and Effect, the gold shadow I swatched earlier, so I decided to swatch them next to each other.
Swatched in sunlight, top to bottom: Claws and Effect, Chaos
In sunshine, you can clearly see their differences: Chaos is more yellow and brighter (and you can see it's sparklier in the dry swatch than CaE is), while Claws and Effect is browner and I would say a bronzy/coppery gold (they describe it as "caramelized copper with gold sheen").

What do you think of these shadows?  Can you pull off loose eyeshadow, or is it too time consuming for you as well?
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