Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine 02 Pourpre Intouchable Review and Swatches

I've been wanting to pick up one of the Rouge Volupté Shines ever since I tried some samples from Sephora. The formula is semi-sheer, lightweight, balmy, but not slippery, so when I had my $20 off $50 last year I decided to pick up a tube in Pourpre Intouchable, which I'd determined could be a high-end replacement for Revlon Sugar Plum, my HG MLBB shade.
Ooh, shiny.
Pourpre Intouchable is cooler and more purple than Sugar Plum, in addition to having shimmer. Compared to BeYu Care and Shine Gloss Stick 80 (purchased in Germany, 6 fricking months ago, Jesus Christ am I slow), though, you can see that it's closer to plum than purple, resulting in a red-leaning plum on my neutral skin.
Left to right: YSL Pourpre Intouchable, BeYu XXX, Revlon Sugar Plum
I think Pourpre Intouchable is a little sheerer than the other shades I'd tried, and also has shimmer. I tend to prefer cream finishes to shimmers on my lips, but the shimmers here are quite subtle, so it's not a deal-breaker for me. The texture is very balmy, and initial application requires a bit of care (I have to spread it into my lips with my finger, then apply a couple of extra layers, for it to be evenly opaque), but once it's on, it's easy to reapply. Which is good, because it only lasts an hour (hour and a half if I'm patient) on me. I find it to be slightly moisturizing, though it does get caught on any dry flakes, so be sure to exfoliate beforehand. It does occasionally feather into the fine lines around my mouth (I'm getting old how did this happen?!), but having adequately moisturized lips beforehand does help prevent that.

It's a very nice plum, and I've gotten a lot of use out of it, even though it doesn't quite fill the perfect MLBB hole in my collection. The packaging is...blingy, but I like it more than I expected to, and it comes with a generous 0.15 oz, which helps compensate for the shorter wear time. And the price! Is ridiculous! But that's certainly not restricted to YSL. Also, I picked up this and Clinique Roomiest Rose with my coupon, but in my head, I paid the full $17 for RR and got this for a mere $14 (would now be $15, as they just raised prices). Because, even though it works out to the same amount spent, those respective prices seem more reasonable in my head than do $10.34 for RR and $20.67 for this. Does anyone else do this?

$35 for 0.15 oz, available from Sephora and nicer department stores

Quality: 8.5
Effectiveness: 4 (provides nice [albeit soft] shine, but 8 hours of hydration? puh-leeze.)
Ease of Use: 4.25
Senses: 4 (it feels nice on, but I could do without the strong synthetic mango scent upon application. I like it better than anything berry-scented, but it's not great.)
Pigmentation: 4
Duration: 2.75
Consistency: 3.75 (I wish it were a little less balmy, or a little more pigmented)
Price: 0.5
Value: 4.5*
Packaging: +0.5 (yeah, it's gaudy, but whipping it out makes me feel fancy)
Grade: C+ (at the price I got it for, though, a B[-])

*Each tube contains 4.25 g, with an average application of 0.008 g (based on other lippies of similar texture/opacity). One tube has 531 applications at $0.065 apiece and would last around 2.5 months of 10-hour daily wear, applying every 1.5 hours, at $0.39 a day.

I like it more than a C+ grade would suggest, but only because I didn't pay full price. If you have a coupon, want a lightweight lipstick, and there's a color that appeals, the Rouge Volupté Shines are a nice splurge. I probably wouldn't repurchase this particular shade, and while I'm coveting 06 Pink in Devotion, there's still so many lippie formulas I want to try!

Have you tried any of the Rouge Volupté Shines? What's your favorite MLBB?
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