Monday, July 1, 2013

Manicure Monday

It's quite remarkable how much work there is to do before leaving the country for a month––who knew?! So even though I had topics for Sunscreen and Skincare Saturday, neither ended up happening. Whoops! But here's a couple more of the Color Club Halo Hues shades, taken with my phone because that's what all the cool kids do, right? Right.

Starting with the less-good picture, here's Color Club Miss Bliss. It's a pink holo, very pigmented and holographic, with noticeably lilac undertones. It's very pretty, quite girly, and have I mentioned the rainbows?!
2 coats

And here's Cosmic Fate, a coral-copper-nude. I expected it to be more coppery, but found it was actually quite neutral on me, strangely. Similarly pigmented, rainbowtastic, and pretty.
2 coats

I've found that these polishes work over a variety of basecoats, but to really last they need a good topcoat––Revlon's quick-dry and Zoya Armor both work well, but Milani Glossé doesn't prevent it from chipping, as I discovered with Eternal Beauty, the purple one, currently on my fingers––chipped between last night, when I painted my nails, and this afternoon, when I wanted to photograph them. Sigh. Live and learn!

How are y'all doing? Have you been hit with any of the heatwave? It's been 95 here the past few days, which is about 15 degrees warmer than usual, and I am not happy about it. But it's good preparation for the week in New York, and subsequent weeks in Turkey and Berlin, that will be equally hot, with humidity to boot. Weather is stupid.
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