Monday, September 16, 2013

Manicure Monday

Another Monday, some more manicures!

Color Club Halo Hues Beyond
Another one of the polishes I got from Amanda a few months ago. Like the others, the formula on Beyond is flawless––it could have been a one-coater if I'd been more careful in applying, and it just glides on like butter. No issues over my current base coat (p2 8-in-1, purchased in Berlin), and super holographic. Awesome stuff.
Sephora Chaotic over Nails Inc. Baker Street
I couldn't decide what to wear from my untested polishes, so I opted for layering two I'd received from Z as gifts. It looked awesome. The boy said it made him think of a night sky, which I can definitely see. Mostly, though, it's just awesome.

Zoya Godiva
I needed something that I could apply quickly and easily before heading out to pick apples, so I did a single coat of Godiva (previously featured with 2 coats here). I like it a thousand times better like this––it's so sparkly yet subdued, and it doesn't give me dead fingers since it's not opaque. I think I'll be reaching for this a lot once I start teaching again, not least because application takes all of 5 minutes!
Another picture, to show how it kind of looks like
sparkling water on my fingertips!
What polish have you been wearing recently? What do you think of these?
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