Monday, January 20, 2014

Manicure Monday

My friends and I came up with New Year's Resolutions for each other, ranging from the absurd (A has to pet 365 dogs) to the pragmatic (T has to cook using an ingredient new to her at least once a week). The boy has to leave a review for a game before he can purchase any more (his Steam account is just ridiculously overstocked), and I have to wear all my polishes (not just new ones!) before I can repeat any, though I am allowed to re-wear things so long as the manicure contains at least one polish I haven't yet worn. So y'all will be seeing some polishes I've featured before, as well as some new and exciting ones, and I'm hoping the exercise will result in a sleeker, better polish collection.

Essie On a Silver Platter* and Sephora+Pantone Rose Dawn
My NYE mani was a great way to start the year. I layered Essie On a Silver Platter (my Christmas gift from Z!) over Sephora+Pantone Rose Dawn (one coater! which I could have sworn I'd reviewed, but apparently not...). The contrast of warm rose under the blue holo hexes and gold shimmer was really, really pretty (and actually reminded me of the guest post Z did for my birthday!). I would totally re-wear this if I could, but alas, it will have to wait. Also, I was going through a rebellious phase and didn't want to photograph with a real camera, so you get crappy phone pictures.
in sunlight
Also also, the boy's Christmas present to me, this tanzanite ring, matched the periwinkle holo hexes like magic!
this picture is not blurry, what
are you even talking about
Sally Hansen New Wave Blue and NYX Gold Glitter
Making way into already-worns, I layered the NYX over the Sally Hansen for a vaguely Turkish feel (it would have been more Turkish with a different shade of blue, but whatever). Doing this mani, and wearing it, made me realize that I need all of the SH Complete Salon Manicure polishes. The brush and formula are fantastic (no cuticle clean-up!), and the wear is ridiculous––2 days and no tipwear. That's just unheard of. Also, ridiculously pigmented. The NYX glitter is nice and dense, and while it does tint the base a little bit yellow (making it closer to green than the pure turquoise it is in the bottle), it's not as obvious as it looks in this picture.

Definitely keeping both of these!

I've also worn Zoya Blaze (so beautiful), OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest (ditto), and OPI Russian Navy (which is another one-coater! And which I apparently also have not reviewed...unfortunately, I didn't realize that until after it had gotten chippy, so I'll have to try layering something with it soon so you can see it). I've been using OPI Nail Envy Sensitive (which doesn't have formaldehyde) as my base coat, and I really like it––it's helped strengthen my nails some, and it plays well with polish. My top coat of choice has been Milani Glossé, which is just fantastic; my bottle is almost empty, though, so I'm giving INM Out the Door a chance. If you have any favorite top coats, let me know! I'm always on the search for an HG.

And, to include a bit of adorables with the nail polish, this is how I found my chinchillas when I walked in the other night:
They just stood that way for a few minutes, peering at me and clutching their little paws around the cage wire. Then they hopped off to nom on some wood (Hutch) and run in the wheel (Lou-Lou).

What have you been wearing?
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