Monday, September 30, 2013

Manicure Monday

Two more Turkish polishes for your viewing pleasure! I think there's only one left––I wore it, but neglected to photograph it, so you'll get to see that...eventually. But here's the ones I did snap!

Flormar Duo 2x Chrome DC05
There were a few polishes in this Flormar duochrome line, but this one was by far the most duochrome-y of them all, so it's the one I got. It is exactly the same color/shift (green-to-blue) as in China Glaze Unpredictable, but the formula is better––DC05 is opaque in 2 coats compared to Unpredictable's 3, and it's less prone to brushstrokes, though as a metallic, there are still some. It's pretty and fun, and it cost 4,49 TL, I think (about $2.25).

Golden Rose Jolly Jewels 103

I picked this up because it reminded me of a-england She Walks in Beauty (see Lucy's Stash's swatch); I'm not sure how close they actually are irl, but it's sated my desire for that one! It's rose-gold hexes and gold shimmers in a clear base; it might be able to be opaque on its own, but I was way too lazy to try, so I layered it over 1 coat of Deborah Lippmann Modern Love. (Side note: this manicure took me forever to do, because I kept screwing up the base––I tried OPI Tickle My France-y [which I haven't reviewed, apparently?] first, but it was too sheer, and then I did 2 coats of Modern Love before I realized/remembered that I don't really like it at more than 1 coat, so I removed it again and finally got it right, 2 hours later.) It probably would have been more tasteful to only do the layering on an accent nail, but when given the choice to go classy or blingy, I will pretty much always choose sparkle.  I did 2 layers of topcoat, but it probably really only needed 1.I really like the final result, though I can't attest to wear yet, as I only applied it last night. It's very pretty and ladylike, but still, y'know, shiny. And 103 has nice glitter coverage with no fishing/glitter placement necessary, just apply like normal polish. I like it!

What do you think of these? How do you feel about duochromes and glitters?
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