Friday, July 12, 2013

MAC Plumful Review and Swatches

After an emotional session with my therapist, I decided to indulge in some retail therapy. I was going to get a Dior lip gloss, but couldn't decide on a shade, and decided to wander over to the MAC counter to look for an MLBB lipstick. I did some swatching and settled on Plumful, a lustre lipstick. I was ecstatic at the reasonable-to-current-me $15 price tag (oh, how times have changed), and the sheer plummy pink was exactly the kind of color I was looking for.

The texture is lightweight and thin but not slippery, and I find it to be very lightly moisturizing, though it's not a formula that makes my lips feel lush and plump. On the upside, it wears a decent amount of time (I get about an hour and a half of solid wear), and the pigmentation is such that I can apply without a mirror. It's slightly more pigmented than Revlon Sugar Plum, but still quite translucent, so it strikes a happy medium and gives a nice natural-but-polished look. I bought a tube for my 16-year-old cousin for her birthday, as I think it's a great starter-lipstick shade!
One swipe each of Plumful (top) and Sugar Plum (bottom), in shade (left) and sun (right)
Like all MAC lip products, it smells lightly of vanilla, but it's subtle and fades quickly (and actually smells quite pleasant!), and there's no taste.
A MAC FOTD: Plumful on lips, Fever on cheeks, Matchmaster (plus Face Atelier Zero Minus) on face, Dalliance and Antiqued on eyes

Bottom line: Good for lipstick newbies and old hats alike! Now I have a ton of MAC lipsticks I want to try...

$15 for 0.10 oz, available from MAC and department stores

Quality: 8.75
Effectiveness: 4.5
Ease of Use: 4.5
Senses: 4.75 (I like the vanilla scent, but some may not)
Pigmentation: 4 (supposed to be semi-sheer and glossy; I find the sheerness to be true, but it's not very glossy on me)
Duration: 3.5
Consistency: 4
Price: 3.25
Value: 3.75 (lasts 2+ months at $0.224/day, applying every 1.5 hours)
Packaging: +0.25 (sleek and I like that the black casing doesn't show fingerprints!)
Grade: B

Have you tried any MAC lipsticks? What's your favorite MLBB? What do you think of Plumful?
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