Monday, July 8, 2013

Manicure Monday

I found these photos on my computer and realized I hadn't posted about this polish yet! The polish in question: Zoya Miranda Pixie Dust.

I picked up Miranda and Liberty at Ulta when I was in Salem, the former for myself and the latter for Amanda. I've been wanting more "traditional" nail shades, as pink is, but the unorthodox finish made it interesting enough to appeal to my novelty-seeking self. You're supposed to do thin coats on bare nails with no top coat, but I put on Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock as a base coat and it worked fine. I wore it without top coat the first day, shown below:

In the shade

In the sun

All photos are two coats, letting dry a few minutes between layers.

I liked it, but it wasn't nearly sparkletastic enough for me––I imagine one of the less-jelly-base shades would look more glittery––so I added some top coat. It ended up taking 3 coats to even out the glittery finish, and the result was pure sparkly goodness:


I definitely prefer the top-coated version, even though it's less unusual, but I'm dying to try Godiva, the nude one from Fall 2012, because it looks super glittery without top coat. Miranda wore well for 3 days; as a glitter, it really stuck to my nails, but the tinfoil method worked like a charm. I will definitely be wearing this during the school year, as it's weird enough to keep my interest but innocuous enough to be appropriate for teaching. I'm looking forward to the fall shades, too! Looks like there's several gorgeous, rich shades.

I haven't tried any other textured polishes, but I definitely prefer the look of the fine grains in Zoya's to the larger pieces in OPI's. It looks like crushed gems!

Have you tried textured polish? What do you think of them?
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