Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sunscreen Saturday: Boscia Self-Defense Vital Antioxidant Moisture SPF 30

The last of my little sunscreen samples that are here in Turkey with me! Also, hi, sorry I've been utterly lax at posting––I've been writing rather massive posts for my other blog and haven't wanted to write for this blog, too. But don't worry! I still love you guys! And I'll be back with semi-interesting content at some point. For now, here are my thoughts on this sunscreen.
via Sephora
It's good stuff. It's very lightweight and liquidy, though not quite runny, and it absorbs quickly. It doesn't break me out nor contribute to oiliness and it plays well under makeup. I wish it had higher SPF (at 30, it's the lowest of the ones I brought with me), but it supposedly has antioxidants that are good for...something, though I always take those claims with a big heap of salt.

It's not particularly cheap, at $36 for 1.4 oz, but I will gladly use up my sample and put this on my list of sunscreens I'd be willing to purchase (on sale, natch). Available from Sephora!

Have you tried any Boscia sunscreens? How do you feel about grandiose skincare claims?
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