Monday, January 21, 2013

Manicure Monday

I had the stomach flu for several days last week (first week of teaching! my poor students probably think I'm listless and confused all the time, ha), and didn't feel up to changing my polish––I'd worn China Glaze Ahoy! for the first day of class, which I've already featured.
2 coats Under Your Spell on day 2
Then I painted my nails with Wet N Wild Under Your Spell with Orly Bonder (under and on top) and 3 different top coats (Zoya Armor, Milani Glossé, and Revlon Quick Dry) to test, and it proceeded to wear absolutely flawlessly for 4 days, at which point I decided to change my polish anyway. Some minor tip wear, but only marginally worse than when I first applied (the WNW does not play well with capping the ends of your nails, but is gorgeous nonetheless). Since I usually see significant tip wear and chipping after a couple days, this is just ridiculous. Get Bonder! And any of those top coats; I find they're pretty much equivalent––touch dry in 5 minutes, almost entirely dry in 20, and super-shiny and long-lasting. But seriously, Bonder! Is the shit! And Under Your Spell is a great, cheap vampy polish; it's super sheer on the first coat, but is opaque (except at certain angles) on the second, at least on my short nails, and dries really fast. I also love the Megalast brushes, which are wide and make getting a nice clean cuticle line really easy for me.

And, because this is such a paltry Mani Monday, some pictures of cookies (from Crumb Together, here in Eugene––you can order them online, and you should! They're delicious and quite large) and the fog that blanketed us over the weekend.
Cookies! There were originally 12, but we've been nomming on them...
the fog coming down, where it proceeded to stay for 3 straight days, not rising above 29 degrees the whole time, which is really, really cold for these parts! I've been wearing my below-knee down coat, because I don't care if it makes me look like a cross between a penguin and the Michelin man, it's cozy and warm.

What's been new with you? 
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