Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Currently Coveting: Um, Everything, I Guess?

I lost my phone on Monday, so to make myself feel better I've been looking at pretty things that I want. (I'm holding out hope that someone will turn it in this week, but that's not terribly likely...fortunately, they'll give me an early upgrade, so I can still have a phone!)

Le Métier de Beauté Bauhaus Eye Kaleidoscope
I want this for several reasons. One, pretty. Two, the LMdB eyeshadow formula is great. Three, three of the four eyeshadows are shades not present in my collection (I suspect the top color could be duped by some combination of neutrals in my stash, but the others are utterly unique). But I don't really have need for a $95 eyeshadow palette (understatement), so for now, I will satisfy myself with swatches from The Beauty Look Book (she makes me want everything) and Blushing Noir (who shows that layered, they create a gorgeous taupe––and who doesn't want another taupe?!). Seriously, guys, talk me out of it.

Burberry Mallow Pink Lip Glow
source; Mallow is the top one
Another spring release, this is just so, so gorgeous. I want everything from Burberry, but Mallow Pink fills a gap in my lippie collection (hard to believe there's any gaps left, I know) for a bright, punchy, non-pink gloss. It's amazing. As are the blushes from the spring collection (and I don't have a bright pink like Hydrangea, so I can totally justify buying it, right?!), and the perpetually out of stock Pale Barley. Ugh, Burberry, I hate you and your beautiful, quality makeup. And I blame Getting Cheeky for alerting me to Mallow Pink's glory.

Armani Eyes to Kill
I've been experimenting with other mascaras, but really, I just want another tube of my precious. It'll probably happen in February, unless my self-restraint and mantra of "$30, $30, $30, think of how much tea that is" actually work.

Becca Pewter Eye Tint
I've been playing with the Becca Beach Tint in Raspberry, and I really, really like it. Like, a lot. Like, I might have to buy a tube of it. It's also got me curious about the Eye Tints, particularly the Pewter––it looks fantastic for smoky eyes! Ack.

Armani 602 Rouge d'Armani Sheer
I've been wanting to try these lippies ever since they came out, and I've finally decided on a shade: the lovely purple-plum 602, inspired in part by Becca's Ultimate Colour Gloss in Berry Twist, which is a stunning shade (yes, I'll review it at some point) but is a bit too dramatic for daytime wear (and has some formula issues for me, which I think would be helped by layering it over a similar shade). Check out Karlasugar's swatches here (speaking of Karlasugar, does anyone know what happened to her?). (Do you think I used enough parentheses here?)

I already posted about the Hourglass Ambient Lights powders, which will definitely find a home with me, once I decide which shade would work basically, I want things. What's caught your eye lately? Do you have an opinion on any of these products?
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