Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pink Blush

Both blushes featured in this post were gifts, MAC Subtle Breeze from the lovely Larie and Annabelle Rosewood from the ravishing Reductionista. They both came to me last term when I was having a rough time, and I love them dearly for that. Also, because they're awesome blushes. (Seriously, ladies, thank you!)

Left to right: theBalm Cabana Boy, Annabelle Rosewood, MAC Subtle Breeze, CARGO TongatheBalm Down Boy
MAC Subtle Breeze
My first MAC blush! And first Mineralize product! I don't know if they're all as nice as this, but wowzers, this is a keeper. Subtle Breeze is a sheeny pink that gives the nicest natural flush. It applies sheer but builds up easily, never looking powdery or cakey, just breezy and beautiful and, yes, subtle. It's become my go-to shade when I'm lazy and don't want to think about things, because it's impossible to overdo, goes with just about everything, and lasts all day. Love. (See FOTDs featuring this blush here.)

Annabelle Rosewood
Annabelle is one of those Canadian brands that should be in the US already (hint, hint). This blush is great, a slightly warm barely red pink satin, intensely pigmented and smooth like bunny fur. I find it to be a warmer, non-shimmery counterpart to theBalm Cabana Boy, albeit less berry (okay, so really they're not all that similar, but it's the closest thing in my stash!); it's also the closest blush I have to my own natural blush. Because it's so pigmented, it requires a bit more care to apply, but the Real Techniques blush brush makes that pretty effortless, and it blends out really well. Also: lasts all day, and then some––I've worn it for 12 straight hours with no fading. Now I want everything from Annabelle, ever. (FOTD featuring Rosewood coming soon!)

Do you have a favorite pink blush?
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