Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lashes as Curly as My Hair: Shiseido Eyelash Curler Review and Pictures

Okay, quick rundown of my lashes: They're long, dark, thick, but lacking in curl (because apparently my hair stole the whole allotment), and I find that unless I curl my lashes with a dedicated curler, they bump against my glasses lenses endlessly. I used to use Tarte's curler, because I would buy it in the duo with the mascara mini, which my mother adores, but I've been feeling like trying something else and leaving the Tarte one behind on the East Coast somewhere gave me kick in the butt I needed to find something new. (I've also tried Revlon curlers in the past, but found them to be lacking.) At Larie's suggestion, I opted for Shiseido's over Shu Uemura's, because of the refillable pads, not to mention the fact that I could just jaunt right down to the mall and pick it up, rather than having to wait for shipping. Herewith, my thoughts.
A super-artsy shot by yours truly

First off, it's real classy, all sleek grey metal and lean lines. I've grown to appreciate an appealingly designed product, which this one definitely is.
And a more helpful picture from Sephora

It's my first time using an Asian lash curler, and I must say I'm impressed. It's flatter than the other ones I've used, and wider, so I find I'm able to easily get all my lashes between the pads. On the downside, I have to be more careful not to clamp down on my eyelid, because you can get really close to the lashline with this, which is somewhat of a problem for me with my blindness, but I'd say it works out 80% of the time. And when it works, hot damn does it work well. I squeeze at the base of my lashes for about 5 seconds, then release, then re-situate it and squeeze again. Many people recommend squeezing as you move progressively up the lashes, but I find that makes my lashes way too curled and leads to them poking me in the eyelid all day (it's also impossible to put on mascara without it getting all over everything, which is already an issue for me). However, even with the one-place curling, my lashes don't look crimped or bent, just wonderfully curled. And y'all, it lasts all day, including through naps! It doesn't hold up to watery eyes, nor does it survive some mascaras (more on that next week), but it can't be blamed for such things! With this curler I also much prefer curling before applying mascara rather than after (as I did with my Tarte curler), because it's so strong that it can make my lashes look wonky if they already have mascara on them. On the upside, I'm actually curling and mascaraing in the order "they" recommend, but on the downside I not-infrequently get mascara on my freshly eyeshadowed eyelids. #firstworldproblems

...and post-curling!

All in all? Couldn't be happier. I mean, I could if it were half the price, but refill pads are available for $6 (much more reasonable) so I anticipate this curler lasting a nice long time! I'll have reviews of a couple of mascaras up in the next few days (spoiler: one holds the curl, one doesn't!), which really takes my lashes to the next level, lolz.
$19 with 2 pads, $6 for 2 refill pads, available from department stores and Sephora

Do you use an eyelash curler, and if so, what's your favorite?
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