Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Lippies Experiment: More FOTDs!

I've been making good progress through my lippies this month; I haven't been great about photographing all of them, so this post is a little lacking in photos (4 days missing, my bad), but I have included notes about what I wore.

Wednesday, October 10

Clarins Colour Quench Lip Balm 04 Coral Pink, NARS Deep Throat, Too Faced Heaven, Honey Pot, WNW Comfort Zone 3rd green, Laura Mercier mascara. This was a nice warm but natural summer look, for one of the last sunny days (though shockingly, it was sunny yesterday and today as well! The sun hasn't abandoned us yet!). The Clarins gloss is really comfortable, albeit none too long-lasting, and very natural. The WNW green shadow was intended to match my shirt, but I found the texture to be dry and it really didn't want to apply evenly. Now I'm on the hunt for a good green palette! Suggestions are welcome.

Thursday, October 11
I wore the Physicians Formula pH Matchmaker Light Pink lip gloss, and have been unable to find it since then (whoops). I'm hoping it pops up again, because it's a really nice shade of pink, it lasts a decent amount of time and leaves a lovely stain, and the built-in mirror is actually super handy!

Friday, October 12
I decided to wear my Rouge d'Armani Plum 600 again, but this time I wore it at full strength. It was the first rainy day, and good Lord did my lips look bright. Applied with several layers it's a little too purpley for me, but it lasted several hours and kept my lips nicely moisturized (though the slightly tacky texture takes some getting used to).

Saturday, October 13
Guerlain Chamade, applied lightly and blended with a finger. Lovely color, but applying it that way meant it really didn't last very long––like, an hour, tops. I also didn't find it to be very moisturizing, sigh. I'm sad my experience with the Rouge Automatique formula hasn't been as stellar as it seems it has for everyone else! I do feel super chic putting it on, though. I'm a sucker for the one-handed application!

Sunday, October 14
Guerlain Chamade, several layers so it became completely opaquely even. The texture is so, so nice, but with my tendency to rub my lips together, it doesn't tend to last very long, so I made myself keep my mouth open for several minutes after application so it could have a chance to settle down. It lasted 2 or 3 hours with drinking, but it did have a bit of ring-around-the-mouth after wearing off. I do think I like wearing it that way better than as a stain, though, just because it lasts so much longer––interesting how time will make you reevaluate how best to wear your products! It is much brighter, though, so I have to be sure to plan my other makeup around it.

Monday, October 15
Le Métier de Beauté Fraise Crème!
It was insanely humid on Monday, so my hair went POOF like a frizzy poodle. This is after a full day of school, and it had been ~2 hours since I'd touched up Fraise Crème
I just love that formula, and the color is so pretty! I wore it with Bella Bamba (similar cool pink base with gold shimmer, though BB is less red than Fraise) and Urban Decay Sin eyeshadow pencil topped with MAC Dalliance eyeshadow. I applied it a couple of times over the course of the day, but mostly because I wanted to up the shine again––it wears off really slowly and evenly, and my lips felt super comfortable all day.

Tuesday, October 16
Sunshine! What madness!
To celebrate, I wore a floral dress and Revlon Sweet Tart. I find that it can apply unevenly, so I like blending it in with my finger in layers, which also helps it last longer. Purpley neutral eyes with Inglot 352 and 439 and Tarina Tarantino taupe and cream shades and MAC Subtle Breeze blush (I should really review that, because golly gee I've gotten a lot of wear out of it already!) completed the look.

At this point, I've worn 13 lippies and discarded only 1. Still left to go: power reds and a berry! What do you think of this week's installment?
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