Sunday, April 7, 2013

30 Days: Day 19

Today's lippies: the cool pinks and plums!
Left to right:

Revlon Colorstay Lip Liner in Plum: Got this to wear under Becca Berry Twist because I liked the red one so much. It's warm and brown-leaning, but not too warm for me. On its own, it's a little too dry and tugs, but it applies really nicely over blotted lip-balmed lips and lasts several hours. It also helps even out Berry Twist and extend the wear quite a bit, and is nice under Sugar Plum as well (makes it vampy and last longer).
Prestige Waterproof Lip Liner in Wine: Purchased for the same reason as the Revlon, but I got this one first. I like the shade, a cooler, pinker plum, and the formula is fine; I don't find it as creamy as the Revlon, but it wears well and is about as effective as the Revlon.
Shiseido Nymph: Every time I wear this, I'm reminded how much I like it. It's a lovely neutral rose that gives lips color without being the focus of a look, and the formula is very pleasant, moisturizing and somewhat long-lasting. I prefer the LMdB lip crème formula because Nymph gets a little sticky (on the upside, I never feel the urge to rub my lips together), but the color is gorgeous, and it's still one of the best formulas I've tried.
Revlon Sugar Plum: Y'all know by now how batty I am for this shade. It's my perfect plummy MLBB, but it doesn't wear for very long, so I'm going to try and find something similar in a different formula once I use up my current one (and backup, ha!).
Clinique After Party: Purchased before I started grad school as a confidence-boosting shade, this is a really lovely plum with gold shimmer. Unfortunately, it dries out my lips a bit and the glitter remains after it wears off, but I love it for shorter wearings. It can also be sheered out really easily, which is great!
Le Métier de Beauté Purple Haze: This is probably my most-worn lippie. YEAH. I WENT THERE. I love the formula, I love the wear, and I love the shade. I will run out of this some day, and be so very sad.
Becca Berry Twist: Really gorgeous vampy plum, but it applies unevenly on me on its own. Worn over plum lip liner (Revlon's), though, it's lovely, albeit super vampy and dark. With my Casper skin, it's a very dramatic look!

L'Oréal Infinite Fuchsia: Same finish and pigmentation as Endless Red, but a rich fuchsia instead! Really, really gorgeous. I should wear it more often.
Armani Plum 600: This is the brightest lipstick I own, but it can fortunately be sheered out for versatility. I love the Armani formula, as it clings so I don't stress about it migrating, and it wears really well, but I don't wear this lipstick all that often because it's so bright. I want more Armani lipsticks! And this is one of those products that cheers me up when I wear it. Just look at it! It's so happy!

Which ones are your favorite? What plums and pinks do you reach for most? And have you entered the giveaway?
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