Saturday, April 13, 2013

30 Days: Day 20

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Only 2 weeks into the term and I am as overwhelmed as during finals. It's gonna be a great quarter, y'all. I'm holding out hope that I'll be able to find wee bits of time for the blog, but I apologize if my posting becomes even more sporadic than usual! For now, though, here's the last of the lippies: the reds! Because I have so many reds. I don't know how that happened. Then again, looking at these swatches, it's coming back to me...

Lipstick Queen Thriller: Very similar in finish and feel to Cosmos (below), but slightly less glossy.
Lipstick Queen Cosmos: Probably my favorite gloss, both because of the color (such a pretty berry-red) and formula (not really very gloss-like at all!). Currently MIA, because I am terrible at keeping track of my things.
L'Oréal Endless Red: Intensely pigmented, shiny, and long-lasting. A true red, very showstopping, and not something I find myself reaching for very often because it's so bold. I love it no less for that!
Le Métier de Beauté Fraise Crème: I recently re-fell in love with this, and have been wearing it pretty regularly. It's a gorgeous strawberry red with gold shimmer. I'm nuts for the lip creme formula, as I find it to be long-lasting, super-moisturizing, and incredibly comfortable, and the lovely shade just makes it that much more awesome.
Dior Rouge Favori: Ugh, the Dior formula is so gorgeous, and coupled with this stunning pink-leaning red? *iz ded* I tend to wear it over Revlon's red lip liner, because it helps it last longer and alleviates some of my lipstick-related anxiety (has it faded unevenly? is it smeared on my face? has it sunk into lip lines? because I am neurotic).
Chanel Dragon: My very first designer makeup purchase, shortly after it was announced to be discontinued. I just about had a heart attack at the $32.50 price tag, but it is really, truly stunning. Shimmery and glossy and RED, it's not exactly office-appropriate, at least on my ghostly complexion, but if you want drama? Nothing's better. I always wear it over red lip liner, because I find that otherwise it has a tendency to migrate. And let's just say it's not kiss-proof, nor even remotely transfer-resistant. But damn, girl, is it worth it.
NARS Mascate: The only matte one in the lot, and somewhat deeper than most. This is actually one of the easiest to wear for me, because the finish makes it more understated, and the formula is not at all prone to migration or such nonsense, and a little goes a long way. Everyone should own it, pretty much.

There are more reds I would like to have––Armani Red 400 in pretty much all their formulas, Burberry Military Red, Bite Pomegranate, Givenchy Grenat Initlé, MUFE Iconic Red, Hourglass Icon, Paul & Joe 304––but I am trying to restrain myself for the time being. It probably won't last, but posts like this make me realize that I do have a nice spread, and I should wear them more often!

What's your favorite red lippie? Do you have a bunch of reds?
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