Friday, April 19, 2013

Sweet Anthem Perfumes Mini Reviews

Larie gave me a bunch of perfume samples when I met up with her, and I've slowly been making my way through them. Today, here are my thoughts on a few from Sweet Anthem, a Seattle "micro-perfumery". Many of them are no longer available, but I hope my notes give you an idea of what to expect (spoiler alert: high quality, lovely scents).

Lucille (amber, jasmine, linden blossom, rosewood, sea salt, tonka bean): Though nothing particularly sweet is listed (save tonka bean, and even that isn't sweet so much as vanillic), I swear there's some fruit in this. Fortunately, it's balanced and light and very pretty. The linden blossom comes through nicely, giving it a very springy air, and though I can't smell the amber, it must be there to help anchor the scent because it manages to wear for several hours. Happily, this one is still available! If you're wanting something springy, you should absolutely give it a go.

Colin (amber, benzoin, cardamom, frankincense, honey, myrrh): Sweet spiced incense! The honey comes through quite strongly, which adds a different touch than other incense perfumes I've tried, making it more approachable and cozy. Unfortunately out of stock, but

Sheila (chamomile, lotus, myrrh, opium, rosemary, tuberose): Smells like L'Heure Bleue, my thus-far least favorite Guerlain (and one of my least favorite perfumes, period). It reads like something I would like, with chamomile and tuberose, but maybe the opium is code for powder? I don't know. Do not like.

Miranda (black agar, cocoa absolute, immortelle, pink pepper, white agar, white pepper): At first, this smells smoky and dense; after a couple hours, it becomes sweeter, the chocolate comes out to play, and I can recognize the oud (which is there all the way through, but is very heavy to start). Though no smoke or leather is listed in the notes, I smell some, and in spite of the feminine name, I think this would be great on a man. It smells really, really good. Love it.

Sweet Anthem perfumes are available in oil or solid form, and samples are available in both formats. The oils come in rollerballs and the solids in twist-up tubes; the oils smell slightly stronger than the solids, but they're both pretty subtle, definitely scents you can wear in a "perfume free" zone, since the only people who would be able to smell it are you and anyone invading your personal space ;)

Have you tried anything from Sweet Anthem? Do you like solid perfumes?
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