Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sunday Summary

Next week is my last week of class! It's hard to believe I've known my students for 8 weeks now. I'm going to miss them when the class is over––I'm just hoping I can keep from crying on the last day (I have overactive tear glands, in both sad and gleefully happy times). The first four days of the week are going to be workworkwork (and I need to finalize lesson plans and figure out some ideas for activities after I finish writing this post!), but Friday I told them we would have a party. I'm still going to make them learn English, but there will be food and prizes and no quizzes! Should be a fun time.

That's really all I've got, y'all. That, and the observation that I have gone so far over my monthly beauty budget it is not even funny. Oh and also that I'm going to a wedding back east with the boy in a couple of weeks, and I have my dress! Still waiting on lipstick, though (and yes, lipstick is at least as important as the dress, c'mon folks). And, of course, a watermelon update. I took the most recent picture yesterday, again after a 5 day interval:

Grown some more

Barely fits in my hand anymore!
It's not been nearly as warm the past week as it was 2 weeks ago, so its growth has slowed considerably, but it is definitely still getting bigger. Another update in a few days!

What new, interesting, or exciting things have you been doing lately?
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