Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Summary

Well, this is a day late, but at least Monday rhymes with Sunday, right? WHATEVER. Here's some pictures of my weekend.

Saturday: Went to Bite of Benton with my mother. $5 to get in, loads of free food samples and (relatively) cheap wine samples. Got rather overstimulated because me + big crowds = stress, but the food was great (thank God for lactase), and I'm always happy to spend some time with my mother! Stopped by my brother's on our way there, since the festival was in Corvallis, where he lives. Took a nap on his couch. Good times.
Free food from Market of Choice! So many choices! So
much deliciousness.
Buffalo jerky is delicious, y'all. So moist. So flavorful.
So expensive.

Bacon cheeseburger sliders! Which my mother had to
wait in line foreverrr to get. But so nommy...

Other things I ate but didn't photograph: Cafe Yumm, mini churros, marionberry cider, pinot gris, and syrah. And lots of water.

Sunday: Went to the county fair, since it was free to get in with 3 cans of food. Visited the horses and cows, but never got to see the pigs, sigh.
Did however get to see this adorable inflated pig!

And tiny pygmy goats, so cute

Spent about a gajillion hours looking at the rabbits, because I am bunny-crazy. The boy was very patient! I was so tempted to buy one, since there were several for sale, but managed to restrain myself somehow.
There were black dwarf bunnies...

...bunnies that looked like Peter Rabbit...

...bunnies that looked like long-eared chinchillas...
...bunnies whose ears were longer than their bodies... 
...and Siamese bunnies nomming on pellets!

After the bunnies, I got a corn dog, the boy got a Sno-cone, and we split a Frijo. Just as delicious as the one I had last weekend, ha!

Then in the evening we went to The Granary to watch the bluegrass band. Mom brought samples of her nuts for all the band members, thus cementing our place as groupies.
The boy was kind enough to take a picture! 
One that more accurately reflects our general attitudes
towards bluegrass night
And, because I know you're all dying to see, here's a watermelon update:
10 days ago...

5 days ago...

Not as dramatic as the last update, but it's still grown a lot, especially in circumference. I'll keep you posted on further developments!

How was your weekend?

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