Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Le Métier de Beauté Framboise Crème Lip Crème Review and Swatches

I love the LMdB lip crèmes. Like, if I could own them all, I would. Even the brown ones. As it is, they're $36 apiece, so I've managed to resist most temptation. However, when I had a coupon and gift card for Birchbox, I decided to pick up Framboise Crème (the other choices being Chocolate Crème and Toffee, and as much as I would love to own the full range, I figured I'd get more use out of a red, because the 8 reds I already owned weren't enough? My logic can sometimes be faulty, I admit).
Compared to Purple Haze and Fraise Crème, Framboise is more pigmented, more shimmery, and thicker; it has an almost frosted look on the lips, due to the abundance of gold shimmer, and as such, I find it to be slightly harder to wear on its own, unless I happen to be attending a holiday party.
it's slightly frostier IRL than it looks here
The smell is different, too––where the others smell like crème brûlée, Framboise smells like cinnamon, which would be fine, except there's a bathroom spray that my family has used that smells pretty much the same, so I have not the best associations with it. Fortunately, it fades relatively quickly.
The brightness of some of these reds freaked my camera out, so
this isn't quite accurate, but left to right: Chanel Dragon,
Clinique Mightiest Maraschino, NARS Mascate, Dior Rouge
Favori, LMdB Framboise Crème, LMdB Fraise Crème.
I totally forgot to include 3 other reds that were in my purse. Oops.
The lip color remains for 2-3 hours, and the shimmer pretty much indefinitely: you need a good remover to get it fully off. I wish the shimmer were less, well, shimmery, but I really like it mixed with Purple Haze––it gives a gorgeous plummy shade that I just adore. Of course, mixing my lip color every time I apply is more hassle than I usually want to go to...
Seen here!
And here! This photo was taken in September.
Let it never be said that I am efficient in my posts.
Unfortunately, my tube of Purple Haze is nearing its end (as is Fraise Crème, nooooo), so I'm not sure what I'll do when that happens. Buy another PH, probably. (I also want Peche Crème, and Pink Berry Crème, and Papaye Crème, but I am trying to venture out and try new lippie formulas, so those will have to wait until I go through the 10+ currently on my to-try list. Everyone makes to-do lists of products, right?)

So, while I am not as enamored of this particular shade as I am of the others I have, I think I'll be getting a lot more use out of it now that the holiday season is approaching. Plus, it's fun to mix lippies! Makes me feel like a sparkly mad scientist.

$36 for 0.21 oz, available from Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Birchbox

Quality: 8.5
Effectiveness: 5
Ease of Use: 4.5
Senses: 4 (not crazy about the smell, though that's not its fault, and I don't find it quite as moisturizing as my other lip cremes)
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 4.25 (it would get a 5 if only the shimmer and color lasted equivalently long, but the shimmer lingers)
Consistency: 4.25 (thicker and not as creamy-luscious as the others I own)
Price: 0.5
Value: 3.75*
Packaging: +0.5
Grade: B-

*An application is 0.017 g on average, giving 367 applications at $0.098 apiece per tube. It would last 3 months at $0.39/day, applying every 2.5 hours. This is slightly more expensive and less long-lasting than the other tubes I own, and is somewhat expensive compared to other liquid lipsticks but cheaper than high-end lip glosses.

While I like it, I don't love it like I do Purple Haze or Fraise Creme. The different texture isn't quite as nice, and I wish it had less gold shimmer––it would be a more flattering color on me––but I do really like it mixed with Purple Haze. Given the number of reds I have, though, I'm not sure I really need this one, so it may soon find a new home!

What do you think?
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