Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NYX Cream Blush in Hot Pink Quick Review and Swatches

The boy and I stopped off at the Ulta in Salem to pick up a few presents (and because I can't drive near an Ulta and not stop––the nearest one is more than an hour away, and if I happen to be there, you better believe I'm going in) and I decided I could use a cream blush, based on my positive experience with the Beach Tints. I wanted something different from my other blushes, so I decided on NYX Hot Pink, which is the most unoriginally named blush in the history of ever. At least it's accurate, though!
NYX Hot Pink, after a few uses
Hot Pink is a bright-verging-on-hot pink. It pulls pretty neutral on me, though it looks quite cool in the pan, so your mileage may vary.
Left to Right: MAC Subtle Breeze*, Becca Watermelon
Beach Tint
, Illamasqua Tweak, NYX Hot Pink,
NYX Hot Pink applied with stippling brush
I've swatched it next to the blushes I thought were most similar; you can see they're really nothing like it at all. It's also insanely pigmented. As I am, ahem, pigmentedly challenged, I find the best way to apply is by tapping my RT stippling brush as lightly as possible on the surface, then dabbing it on the back of my hand a couple times, and only then applying it to my cheek. I tend to go for the fresh-faced apples of the cheeks blush look, and this plays that part admirably. It lasts all day, though I do always top it with powder because otherwise my face melts, regardless of temperature, and given how little I use, it will go bad long before I finish it. Also, the insane pigmentation would make it great for darker complexions, too––I think it would look incredible on someone like Toya. (You can see it on my face here.)

Basically, it's great. And super affordable. You should buy it. The end. Grade: A
~$6.00 for 0.12 oz, available from Ulta, NYX, Cherry Culture
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