Sunday, September 29, 2013

Urban Decay Deluxe Palette Quick Review and Swatches

I said I would review this once I had some EOTDs using it, but I have decided to just post this now since it's being discontinued but is still available at Sephora and Urban Decay and I don't know how long it will last. And I have one EOTD, which is something, I guess? (I know y'all stop by for some quality blogging, and I am clearly here to deliver...)

Firstly, the packaging is absolutely atrocious.
Between the velvet border and chainmail center that jingles and lays unevenly, it looks like a 7-year-old's idea of glamor in the 70s. If there were ever a palette clearly begging to be depotted, this is it.

The contents, however, are quite nice!
Left to right, 1 swipe over primer: Fishnet, Honey, Ransom, Graffiti, Zero, Peace
Fishnet is a light warm fuchsia-violet with blue shimmer-sheen. Lots of brands have a shade like this, so you may already have something like it (I do!), but it's pretty nonetheless. Soft and smooth, but less pigmented than I would ideally like.
Honey should be called Mustard. It's extremely smooth and pigmented, and even though it is a color that objectively looks awful on me, it is the sole yellow in my collection that actually applies well and keeps its color, so I have worn it when going Ducky for game day (see below). Excellent quality.
Ransom is a cool blurple with blue shimmer-sheen. It's reasonably pigmented, especially for a purple, and is very smooth.
Graffiti is bright grass green. It swatches better than it applies, as it's sheered out quite easily, but it can still be built up pretty well. It's definitely the brightest and greenest of my greens, and is my other go-to for Duck looks.
Zero is black with silver shimmer. I have not actually worn this one yet, because blacks scare me, but it's nicely pigmented and is very smooth.
Peace is a bright sky blue. It's similar to Inglot 415, though the latter has gold duochrome shimmer and isn't as soft (nor as easily sheered-out).

Left to right, 1 swipe over primer: Shag, Scratch, Underground
Shag is a copper. It's super pigmented and beautiful, and goes well with my other coppers. If you already have Wet N Wild Comfort Zone, you don't need Shag, as it is nearly identical to the right Eyelid shade.
Scratch is a warm pink. It's dark enough that I prefer it in the crease to on the lid, but it can certainly work either way. Not as pigmented and creamy as Shag, but still very nice texture-wise. Less prone to being sheered-out than some of the brights.
Underground is a brown taupe. It's very nicely pigmented and smooth, but I tend to prefer purple/grey taupes––on the upside, that means it's unique in my collection!

I have comparison swatches of everything here (use the search and find command for "UDD" to easily find them all).
The afore-mentioned Ducky eyes: Honey in the crease,
Graffiti in the outer 2/3, Estee Lauder Heat Wave on the inner 1/2.
Next time I'll try switching the green and yellow to see if it
makes me look slightly less jaundiced.
I think it's a great palette to pair with other shadows, and if you're just getting in to colors, it's absolutely worth picking up. Even with my stash, several of the shades are very unique. The finishes are all shimmer, no mattes or––thankfully––fall-out prone glitters, and the textures are generally excellent, though a few shades take some layering to be fully opaque.

All in all? Definitely recommended. At $10 for 9 eyeshadows (plus a mini UDPP, which I find is just as effective as the new tube version), it's kind of a must-buy. I picked mine up at Nordstrom Rack in California, but it's also available from Urban Decay and Sephora. Grade: A

What do you think of the Deluxe palette? Do you ever do your makeup sports-themed?
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