Friday, June 28, 2013

Fragrance Friday

Whew, it's been a while since I've done one of these! I've been wearing perfume, I just haven't felt like talking about it...but here's a barrage to make up for it :-)

Diptyque Voile Satin Oil for Body and Hair (jasmine, ylang-ylang, saffron): I got a sample of this in my last Aedes order (not sure if they've added those with the increased price, or if it's because they were out of 3 of my fragrance choices, or if it's because it took them 3 weeks to ship my order, but regardless, it was a nice touch) and decided to try it out for kicks. It smells divine, floral and tropical and warm and subtle, and it glides on so nicely, but something in it gave me hives one time I wore it (but not since, which is weird). It's very much a luxury product, at $58 for 3.4 oz, and I think I'll try mixing up my own version using essential oils from Eden Botanicals, but if you have the cash and want something moisturizing and unobtrusively summery, this is definitely worth checking out.

L'Artisan Ananas Fizz (Floral Fruity: grapefruit, woods, pineapple): This discontinued scent is back as an LE summer perfume, so I figured I should try it while it's available. It's very summery and fruity, as expected, with pineapple being the dominant note. It's pretty and fun, though fleeting, and while it's not really my kind of scent (I tend to gravitate towards citrus or big florals in the summer), it's a well done fruity perfume that actually smells like fruit, not chemicals.

Maitre Parfumeur et Gantier Fraiche Passiflore (Floral Fruity: peach, passionfruit, raspberry, passionflower): This is more a more floral take on the fruity floral than is Ananas Fizz, but they give a similar feeling, namely tropical warmth, fresh fruit, and the sense of being in a balmy paradise. Longer lasting than Ananas Fizz but still gone in a few hours, Fraiche Passiflore is the perfect scent for when I feel like a carefree rainbow, and if you want to remember your vacation in the Caribbean, I imagine this would do the trick (though I can't say for sure, as I've never been to the Caribbean).

Diptyque Do Son (Floral: orange flower, rose, iris, tuberose, pink pepper, benzoin, musk): Larie and I got samples of this when we visited Nordstrom, and it's one perfume that we both seem to like! No small miracle, given our widely divergent scent preferences. Do Son is a lovely light tuberose (who knew such was possible?), warm and inviting rather than the usual tuberose bold and sexy, and it smells beautiful. It was recently on Hautelook for half off, and I was so tempted to buy a bottle, but then I remembered that I'm going on a big trip soon and should not spend $50 on perfume. Even ones as pretty as this. Fingers crossed that it comes back to Hautelook in a few months! I don't yet have a tuberose full bottle, and this one is just so easy to wear. Very pretty, and you should try it even if you don't usually feel like tuberose is your thing.

Diptyque Olene (Floral: narcissus, honeysuckle, wisteria, jasmine, green notes): After my success with L'Ombre Dans l'Eau, Volutes, and Do Son, I decided Diptyque and I should get to know each other better. I was wanting pretty floral perfumes, so I tried out Olene, a honeysuckle-wisteria white floral. One spray smells really lovely, dewy and light and springy, but two sprays turns it a bit too indolic and powdery for my taste. Fortunately, it means my sample will last longer! If you're not much for white florals, this probably won't change your mind, but it's very nice nonetheless. I need to try all the Diptyques.

Frederic Malle Angéliques sous la Pluie (Woody Floral Musk: angelica, white pepper, coriander, cedar, juniper, musk): I have no idea what angelica actually smells like, so I can't speak to whether this perfume does a good job of capturing it. It's a pretty floral, but the cedar is quite prominent and cedar is not my favorite not in perfumes, so I've set it aside to give to L, whom cedar agrees with much better. I did like the balance between floral and woods, though!

By Kilian Love and Tears (Floral: bergamot, petitgrain, lavender, galbanum, jasmine, ylang-ylang, narcissus, orange blossom, lily of the valley, cedar, styrax, oakmoss): I'd heard this was a good rendition on a jasmine perfume, and yes, it is indeed. It smells like jasmine, but not fresh, full of life jasmine, instead jasmine grounded by woods, surrounded by other flowers; jasmine as a formerly great star, now supported by a capable ensemble cast, but knowing her days in the spotlight are numbered, welcoming the relaxation that will come with retirement. A quiet jasmine, a bit sad, but very beautiful nonetheless. My sample is almost empty, and were it not so flipping expensive, I would consider buying a decant.

So, pretty heavy on the florals and fruits this time around! The arrival of warmer weather had me wanting lighter, happier perfumes, and I really enjoyed augmenting my collection with some easy-to-wear pretty scents. There's something to be said for an uncomplicated scent made from quality ingredients. While not as intellectually stimulating or sensually invigorating as some of my favorites, most of these make me happy to wear, and sometimes, that's all you want.

Have you tried any of these? What did you think? What kinds of scents do you gravitate towards in the summer?
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