Monday, August 26, 2013

Manicure Monday

Finally, nail polish! On my fingers! Aaaah. It's nice to be back.

First up, Zoya Godiva, purchased when they had free shipping and waiting for me when I got home. Yippee! Unlike Miranda, I preferred Godiva without top coat. I actually liked it best at one coat, when it was sparkly and not too nude, but I didn't photograph it then. You'll just have to wait until I wear it again! It was quite opaque; I used 2 coats, and it's a bit too nude for my taste, but the silver sparkle helps. Very, very sparkly. It's fun!
Without and with top coat, respectively.

The next polish choice was Flormar Supershine 16, a warm red jelly with fuchsia shimmer.
Shown here with Dior Lip Maximizer, as I thought
they had similar jelly-shimmer textures (also, I was
too lazy to go upstairs and get the polish bottle).
It took 3 coats, not unusual for a jelly, and it was so bright and pretty! I expected removal to be easy, since the shimmers are small, but it was almost as hard as getting off glitter (not super big glitter, but definitely more effort than shimmers tend to take).

Currently on my nails is Cecile 95 (the Turks aren't much for naming their polishes, apparently). It's a warm dark purple with blue-green sheen. The formula is nice and opaque, needing only 2 coats, but it needs top coat to really shine. The shimmer-sheen is only visible in certain lights, but I like dark brooding plums, too, so I'm happy with it! One thing to note: it smells awful. And familiar, but I'm not sure like what. It's pretty bad, and that may keep me from wearing it all that often.
Taken under my lamp, as the sun was
bullied away by some rain clouds.
What do you think of these? What's been on your nails lately?
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