Wednesday, November 7, 2012


This post is an acknowledgment of, and apology for, my relative absence of late. Between my classes, research, teaching, and this damned depression (though I will say that last night cheered me up considerably!), I haven't had much time nor motivation to blog, and for that, I apologize. I'm no less dedicated to my reading of blogs and my enjoyment of makeup and perfume has yet to wane, but I haven't felt up to doing much in the way of production (the irony of posting this after my most recent post/celebration of reaching 500, it kills!). I don't plan to disappear entirely, but I will be posting less often. There are many things I would love to chat with y'all about, but most will have to wait until a less stressful time. The weekly features will likely be on hiatus, as they've been weighing on my mind in an unpleasant manner (strange how the consistent routine I prefer when I'm happy feels stifling when I'm sad, eh?), and I'm putting the monthly empties post on hold until school gets out––it'll be a doozy, though!

I'm trying to find my balance again, but I promise, I will be back. And you can probably expect to hear from me at least once a week until then. I feel really bad about neglecting the blog and y'all, but I just have to hope you'll hang around until things get back under control at Casa Amy! 
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