Saturday, November 3, 2012



I'm kind of in shock. That's just crazy! I tend to get all introspective and rambly at times like these (or, like, all the time), but since I just did a post like that, I'll try to keep this one relatively brief :)

500 posts
86,000+ page views

Posts tagged with:
nail polish: 63
skincare: 47
lipstick: 38
eyeshadow: 36
Fragrance Friday: 29
blush: 28
lip gloss: 25 (how the hell do I have so many posts on a product I generally dislike?!)
lip balm: 23
cleanser: 18
oil control: 16

Most-viewed post:
Holika Holika Petit BB SPF 30: This got to be too dark for me in the winter, so I stuck it away in my drawer and forgot about it. It's over a year old now, so I should probably just throw it out...

Post that took me longest to write:
Affordable Makeup Brush Guide, which desperately needs to be updated, though that will probably have to wait until winter break.

As far as the Beyond part of the blog goes, I've written 6 posts tagged with adorables, 3 with drunken ramblings, 6 with personal, and 11 with just straight-up ramblings, many of which are cross-tagged with each other. I am very much not one of those people who can keep their life and blog separate, and this blog is a reflection of that; I am still very amazed that anyone decides to hang around here!

I think BJB has changed a lot over 500 posts, but the important thing for me, at least, is that it is a place for me to escape, and for that, I must thank you all. Thank you for listening to me blab about beauty, thank you for your kindness and support in my times of need, and thank you for inspiring me. I don't always give the blog as much time as I would like, and am pretty terrible about commenting, but I so enjoy every bit of time I get to spend with you all. So thank you! And here's to the next 500.
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