Thursday, May 22, 2014

Catrice Defining Blush 040 Think Pink Review and Swatches

I have two more products that I bought when I was in Germany last summer (which, yes, if you're keeping track, was nearly 10 months ago) and have gotten tired of having them in the back of my mind as "need to be reviewed". So I'm gonna do something about it! Write this review, namely. First up: Catrice Think Pink.
Think pink! Pink! PINK! *ahem*
Think Pink is a beautiful somewhat bright warm pink-coral matte. The color is awesome, but the texture is very firm, which isn't much of a problem for me, but those with darker skin may find they need to build it up in layers to get enough color.
left to right, two swipes apiece: CARGO Montebello, NARS Deep Throat,
Illamasqua Tweak, Catrice Think Pink

I'd thought that it didn't wear well, either, but I've worn it a couple of times recently just to check and it lasted all day, so...your mileage may vary. I've worn it several times and the compact looks exactly the same as when it was purchased, so I'm pretty sure it'll last me until I die.
Think Pink swatched twice (left) and applied with blush brush (right)
I don't love this as much as Pinkadilly Circus, but I'm also a lippie lover, not a blush fiend, so if blush gets your heart beating, you might appreciate it more! Regardless, I'm glad to have it in my collection, and it was super cheap––not that I remember, since it was a thousand years ago, but definitely less than 5€.
Think Pink on cheeks, applied heavily. The other
to-be-reviewed German product is on my lips! Two
birds, one stone (where "birds" = "products" and
"stone" = "FOTD")
Available in Germany at dm, Karstadt, and Rossmann, and in some other European countries.

What do you think of Think Pink? Have you tried any of the Catrice blushes? 
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