Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Lancôme Lip Lover in 333 Rose des Nymphes Review and Swatches

This is Lancôme's take on the all-in-one lip color trend. After reading numerous favorable reviews of the formula, I decided to pick one up during the Sephora sale. I chose Rose des Nymphes, a pink, as I have no glosses of that shade (lots of lipsticks, though, ha), and doesn't warm weather warrant pink? 
Rose des Nymphes is a bright pink with shimmer; I'm pretty bad at judging the temperature of colors, but it seems pretty neutral on me, and the description of "rose dark pink" is...not particularly edifying. It's quite pigmented, so it takes some care to apply, but once it's on, it is awesome. I don't really have any comparable shades in my stash; it's much brighter and pinker than Dior Atout Coeur, and it's cooler and pinker than Marcelle Divine Pink (which is also a lipstick, and therefore has a very different finish).
left to right: Lancôme Rose des Nymphes, Revlon Fuchsia Shock,
Marcelle Desire Pink, MAC Plumful, Dior Atout Coeur
I find it lasts a solid 2 hours with tea and light snacking, and it wears off completely evenly (no residual shimmer!), which is not something all lippies can accomplish on my weird lips. It's lightly rose scented but fades quickly, and it has no taste. The texture is gel-like and cushy upon application, and while it gets tackier as it wears, it's never really sticky or uncomfortable to wear. Hair may very well stick to it, as it does most glosses, but mine is so short that I don't have to worry about it (boy haircuts ftw!). It's easily reapplied (with a mirror), leaves my lips feeling moisturized, and the click mechanism on the lid is super fun. 
one layer
Basically? I'm completely in love. I don't think it's really reinvented the wheel, but I do think it's a fantastic pigmented gloss. I want more––like Corail Cabriole!––but will hold off until I try a couple of other formulas. Don't want to get in a rut, after all...Grade: B+ (lost points for price and smallish size)
$23 for 0.14 oz, available from Sephora and basically everywhere else

Have you tried any of the Lip Lovers? How do you feel about this new hybrid gloss-balm-lipstick-what-have-you trend? What's your favorite spring lippie?
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