Thursday, August 29, 2013

Catrice Ultimate Colour lipstick 210 Pinkadilly Circus

I picked this up in Berlin, as it was a pretty color and comfortable price (€3,49, I think? Definitely less than €4,00), and I figured even if it didn't end up working out, I could still get a post out of it. Happily, it's been a raging success!
Yes, I used it before I photographed it. You didn't expect
me to wait 2 weeks to get home before wearing it, right?!

The texture is creamy and smooth without being slippery, and it dries down to a satin finish. It has remarkable wear for something so comfortable, lasting 2-3 hours with minimal fading and transfer. It doesn't withstand a meal, but a light snack leaves it quite unscathed. It does fade faster from the inside of my lips, but there's a nice stain left behind after it wears off so it's not noticeable unless you're looking really close. And, happily, it's very easy to reapply––I can do it without a mirror, because unlike some other lipsticks, it doesn't get patchy or uneven, even if you apply a few layers. And the color! Oh, the color. I live for this kind of color, vibrant but not neon, shimmer-free, glorious warm coral-pink.
Top, Burberry Mallow Pink, another of my most favorite
lippies. Bottom, Catrice Pinkadilly Circus, one swipe.
It's exactly the kind of shade that just brightens my face and gives me a smile when I see it. It's lovely. See?
I also have my eye on the Givenchy Le Rouge shade that I think is similar, 301 Magnolia Organza. You can never have too many happy colors, right? I should try layering the Burberry over the Catrice, might see a FOTD featuring that sometime soon! (Or not, if it ends up being a disaster. Maybe 2 awesome things cancel each other out?)

Other things I love: it's scent- and taste-free, decently moisturizing, and the packaging is really nice, metal, weighty, classy, and completely contrary to its extremely reasonable price (though the cap is not super secure, I have yet to remove it by accident). Honestly, if you'd given it to me blind and not told me the brand, I'd have thought it cost €20, easy. I will have to pick up the whole line when I'm next in Germany! Catrice has another lipstick line, Ultimate Shine, which is sheerer and glossier, and that I would like to try as well. Basically, it's good shit. If you're somewhere that sells it, I highly recommend picking up a lipstick or two if any catch your eye!

<€4,00 / ~$5 for 0.13 oz, available from drugstores in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, Spain, Croatia, Slovenia, and Hungary

Quality: 9.5
Effectiveness: 5
Ease of Use: 4.5 (for such a pigmented lipstick, it's super easy to apply)
Senses: 5 (unscented! moisturizing!)
Pigmentation: 5
Duration: 4.5
Consistency: 5
Price: 4.75 (it was around $5)
Value: 5 (you get more product than the average lipstick, and the pigmentation and wear are both great.
Packaging: +0.25
Grade: A+

Have you tried any Catrice lipsticks? What do you think of this one? 
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