Thursday, December 12, 2013

Golden Rose Perfect Shine Lipstick 239 Quick Review and Swatches

This was the first makeup item I picked up while in Turkey. I wanted to try and find an MLBB, and since this was cheap (somewhere between $3 and $7, because my memory fails me), I decided to give it a try.
Taken on a bedspread in Bodrum in a hotel with very
inadequate a/c [not sure why I remember that and not the
price, and yet...]
The packaging is very cheap and the triangular shape makes putting the lid on a bit of a challenge (I once smooshed the top of the bullet against the lid in the process of trying to fit the lid on properly), and the shape of the lipstick bullet is stupid: it's like a little house, and it's just not natural for applying to one's lips, which means I need a mirror to apply, even though the color is pretty sheer.
It's the same shape on the other side. Who
thought this was a good idea?!
The formula is fine; it lasts more than an hour before I need to reapply, though the glossiness fades before that, and while it's not moisturizing, it's not drying, either.
Left to right: MAC Positively DashingShiseido NymphMAC Plumful,
Revlon Sugar Plum, Golden Rose Perfect Shine Lipstick 239Dior Atout Coeur,
L'Oreal Rose On and On, MAC Lustering, MAC Sweetie
The color is really, really pretty, somewhere between Revlon Sugar Plum and MAC Plumful, and if the lipstick bullet were less annoying, I would wear it more often.
see? pretty!
Maybe I should just cut off the stupid part and make it be more like a tinted lip balm.

Grade: B(-), available in some eczaneler in Turkey and drugstores elsewhere in Eurasia

What do you think? How do you deal with weirdly packaged products?
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