Monday, December 17, 2012

Things I Sent Back

I went pretty crazy with the beauty shopping last month, because my life, it was stressful. Many of said purchases ended up not working out for one reason or another, so after finals got done, I returned a lot. It was a little awkward, but I am used to way huge awkward so I didn't let it phase me. Herewith, a summary.

Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Liquid Foundation in 20
via Sephora
There were a few issues with this foundation, unfortunately. For one, the shade I got was too dark by a smidge; I probably should have chosen 15, the lightest, but I was afraid it would be too pink. Had shade been the only issue, I would have exchanged it, but that was, alas, not the case. It's a very pigmented formula, which wasn't a bad thing, but it dries down quickly so you definitely have to work in sections. My problem with it was that it was not successful at withstanding my oiliness and big pores. After merely a couple hours, I would notice increased shininess, and after 5 hours, the oil had broken through and broken down a lot of the foundation, sinking into pores and looking generally pretty terrible. I tried everything I could think of, from different application method (with damp brush, dry brush, fingers, sponge) to different base and powder (bare skin, Cover FX ClearPrep FX, MUFE primer (samples FTW), Kryolan Anti-Shine powder), and nothing worked. So, back it went. For a foundation that is supposed to control oil, MUFE Mat Velvet + sure didn't stand up to my oily skin. That being said, lots of people really love it, and it might work for you if your skin isn't as horrifically oily as mine!

via Sephora
As an aside: I also tried MUFE HD Invisible Cover, because my Sephora in JCP actually carries that line so I could get a sample. I was matched to 115, which is the most perfect skin match I've found yet, besides Meow Sleek Siamese, but it slid right off my face in a couple hours. Absolutely no resistance to oil, and I found it caked on dry spots, too. Boo. I basically just want that shade, but in a different formula––easier said than done.

MAC Pro Longwear Foundation SPF 10 in NC15 and MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in N3
Left: Pro Longwear NC15, via MAC, Right: N3, via Amazon
I went to MAC to try and find a new foundation after the MUFE didn't work out. I told the SA that I'd used Matchmaster in the past but that it was a bit too dark (true), only to have her tell me that Matchmaster 1 is the lightest foundation they carry. GREAT. But she gamely tried to find me a match nonetheless, and I gamely let her. MAC Pro Longwear Foundation in NC15 was a little too dark and yellow for  me, but she topped it with MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation in N3, which is pink and pale and helped balance out the shade. It wasn't perfect, but I purchased them both anyways to try. It did not go well. Pro Longwear is really pigmented and somewhat dry, so you have to work really fast; if the shade had been a better match, it might not have been such an issue, but as it was I found it dried down and looked uneven really quickly. Combining it with Studio Fix powder definitely helped, and I liked the level of coverage (medium-full), but they both broke me out. Studio Fix gave me cystic acne (hurray!), and Pro Longwear gave me whiteheads and a terrible, terrible rash that took nearly 2 weeks to go away (it probably would have gone away faster if I'd started with hydrocortisone, but I first tried heavy-duty moisturizer, neosporin, antibiotic cream, and then hydrocortisone, which ended up curing it in 4 days). I don't know what ingredients in them caused such a violent reaction, but the whole experience is really just proof that "non-comedogenic" does not mean "won't break you out". Also, that my skin hates me. (Also, sorry about the lack of pictures––I took some, but it was during finals and I didn't write down what order they were in, so I now have no idea which swatches are which foundation. Whoops.)

Tarina Tarantino Conditioning Lip Sheen in Queen Alice
I ordered this as a reward to myself for doing well on the stats midterm, tacking it on to my VIB order. It only cost me $11.20 with discount, but even that couldn't save it.
The shade is a really nice MLBB, warmer and pinker than Sugar Plum, very flattering, and I found it to be quite long-lasting for something as moisturizing as it was, staying on and comfortable for 2+ hours. Plus, the packaging is very weighty and luxurious, though prone to finger-printing. My issue with it was how effing grainy it was.
I don't know if maybe it had gone bad or what, but good Lord, in the tube it was so, so gritty. Just look at that picture! It was not a fun experience to apply, and continued to feel a bit gritty on lips (nowhere near as bad as during application, but still present). Creams should never feel gritty. EVER. So back it went.

Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Empress
This has since found a new loving home, but I'd already taken pictures so I figured it would be stupid not to post them.
In short: absolutely gorgeous color, perfect vamp, but it dried my lips out.
Not a problem for everyone (I feel my disclaimer/blog subtitle should be: My body is weird and tries to kill me, take all my reviews with a grain of salt), so I recommend trying before buying (an option I did not have, since my Sephora in JCP doesn't carry Hourglass).

And, while we're on the subject of my body hating me: I ordered two body washes from because mine were almost empty. Both (Aveeno Calming Lavender, Chamomile and Ylang-Ylang, and Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Body Clear) contain cocamidapropyl betaine, a surfectant that breaks me out. I've known I was sensitive to it for awhile now and I always make sure to check if any face wash I'm trying has it (Philosophy Purity does not, naturally!), but it didn't occur to me to check body wash. More the fool am I! They've been passed on to my brother's girlfriend, who as far as I know is not sensitive to cocamidapropyl betaine. Like, y'know, most people––it's in the majority of drugstore face washes, and apparently body washes, too. So I'm apparently one of those people who has to read ingredient lists! Yippee! Though there's still the matter of figuring out what else I'm sensitive to (*cough* MAC *cough*).

How do you feel about returning products? Are there any ingredients you're sensitive to? Have you had better experiences with any of these?
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