Monday, December 24, 2012

Make Up For Ever Love: Aqua Brow in Ash 25 and Full Cover Concealer in Pink Porcelain 1

I considered breaking these up, because brow gel and concealer have basically nothing in common, but they're both in squeeze tubes and they're both MUFE, so I figured I could get away with combining them. Plus, I don't really have all that much to say about either!
MUFE Pink Porcelain Concealer (top), Ash Aqua Brow (bottom)

Pink Porcelain 1 Full Cover Concealer
I ordered this during the VIB sale as a replacement for the subpar NYX HD concealer. You may recall that was too light (in the second-lightest shade, even!), so I was a bit worried that Pink Porcelain 1 would be too light, and too pink. But I needn't have fretted, for Pink Porcelain 1 is a rather perfect match for my skin. It's very pigmented, and though I don't actually find it to be completely opaque, it can be built up most of the way. It lasts most of the day, though after 8 hours it looks a bit faded, and after 12 is nearly completely gone. Lately I've been using it as a foundation substitute, applying over The Primer and topping with Meow Sleek Siamese (which I'm almost out of, oh noesss), but it also works well as a concealer over liquid foundation (I've worn it over Revlon Colorstay 110 Ivory). I like applying it with my Ecotools concealer brush, because it's quick and easy and blends nicely. It's effective on discolorations as well as larger blemishes, and as long as the skin is well-moisturized I've had no issues with it caking or looking weird. It's not perfect, but it's the closest I've found, and the color match is phenom (also, it's worth repeating, as always, that my skin is extremely oily and terrible and hates me and nice things). $32 for 0.50 oz, available from Sephora and Make Up For Ever boutiques
Grade: B+ (not as long-lasting nor as pigmented as claimed, though effective nonetheless)

Ash 25 Aqua Brow Gel
I'd read good things about this brow gel––great things, even––but I was scared it would be too hard to apply, because I am completely inept when it comes to cosmetics (which, um, makes me totally qualified to have a blog devoted to the subject?). I was wrong! Hurray! This stuff is so, so easy. But let me back up for a bit: my eyebrows are really, really dark, just about black, even though my hair is medium-light brown, dyed to medium-light red-brown. Brow powder I used in the past was too red and warm, and the one time I tried a darker pencil it was just disastrous, way too dark and goth. After reading Larie's post, I was convinced that Ash 25 was just the color I was looking for. And it is! I just squirt out a teeny bit onto the back of my hand (because I have not yet been able to find a blank tile, which would be much better suited to the task––this way leaves me with a brown stain on my hand, sexay) and dip into it with my brow brush of choice (either Real Techniques' brow brush, or Sephora's smudge brush), then work it into my brows. Since I have really full brows to start with, I pretty much just fill in the sparse areas, but if you go for a slighter brow look you may want to use a thinner brush and/or dab off the gel before applying. I find it makes a really big difference in how "finished" my face looks––I have rather large features all around, so having strong brows helps frame it all––and it lasts all day.
Um, yes, I know I look like I'm going to kill you, but focus on the brows, people! Left one filled in, right one not––see how much more complete the left side looks?
I sometimes set it with brow gel, but it's not necessary. I will absolutely rebuy when I run out, which will probably be a loooong time from now, since so little is needed. Bonus: it makes doing my brows a little less miserable! (And oh wow, I really need to get back on the 30 Days horse, as it were.) Because it's kind of like painting, on your face, which is...pretty fun, it turns out! $20 for 0.23 oz, available from Sephora and MUFE boutiques
Grade: A- (spendy, but worth it)

Have you tried either of these? And have you entered the giveaway yet?!
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