Friday, December 7, 2012

The End of the Deluge

I am officially, completely, 100% done with fall term! Grades have been turned in, all my final projects have been submitted, and I can feel the traditional post-term cold coming on. I don't know how I did in my classes, but honestly, this term was horrible and I am just glad to have finished. While the quarter system sucks for a lot of reasons (50% more finals weeks, 50% more textbooks, a mere 10 weeks to write major research papers), it can be a bonus when the classes aren't your favorite.

I've already rewarded myself for surviving and, at the very least, getting my work done on time, with some more candles (finally trying out the French Baguette from B&BW––I blame Liz, Larie, and MM) and Guerlain Meteorites in Teinte Rose (because damnit, this was the worst term since senior fall, and it's not like I could let that $20 Sephora gift card go to waste, now could I?). I also just received my Solstice Scents Winter Collection samples order, and I'm enjoying slowly making my way through those. I'll need a little time to decompress, but there will be lots of legit content coming your way soon––right after I get caught up on all the other posts I've missed! For now, I'll just say HI! And talk to you soon. (Also, the mini-blog sale will be open until Monday, when I'll return anything that hasn't sold, so if something catches your eye, let me know!)
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