Monday, November 25, 2013

Manicure Monday

Only two manis (though three polishes!) for your viewing pleasure this week.

Zoya Yummy and Maybelline Beaming Blue
Zoya's polish names are ostensibly all female names, but...Yummy? I certainly hope that's no one's name. I picked it up because I wanted something to layer under Beaming Blue, picked up a few weeks ago, and from the online swatches, it seemed the closest in base color out of Zoya's blues. Happily, it's perfect! Though it doesn't look as wonderful in pictures as in person.
Beaming Blue is much prettier and more
interesting than it looks here. Yummy is pretty
accurate, though!
I did two coats of Yummy on all my non-layered fingers, and 1 coat topped with 1 coat Beaming Blue on the others. It was very pretty! Beaming Blue has a beautiful lavender duochrome, though it still does not outshine Lavishly Lilac (and I of course neglected to photograph it...), and Yummy is interestingly pastel-bright. I see it being ideal in spring!

a england Saint George
I got this ages and ages ago, then forgot I had, then rediscovered it, much to my glee. The color is fantastic, a lush dark teal with subtle holo, and the formula is great––it's a one coater!!
SUNSHINE! And sub-freezing temperatures,
but such is the price of sun in winter.
I sometimes wonder why I don't wear my a englands more often (Dragon, for example, hasn't been worn in months), and when applying this, I realized why. I hate the brush! It's pretty narrow, but the worst part is the bristles aren't even, which makes it really hard to get a nice, clean edge, and when a polish is this dark and pigmented, cuticle clean up is a bitch. So, yeah. I wonder if I could purchase the brushes used in Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure or Wet N Wild Megalast polishes and just stick those in instead...

What have you had on your nails? What's your favorite kind of nail polish brush?
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