Saturday, November 23, 2013


Today, I had a rather unpleasant experience at my local Sephora inside JCPenney. So unpleasant it inspired me to send them an email, and I now await their (hopefully very conciliatory) response. I'll write a post about it once it's been resolved one way or the other, but suffice it to say, it made me grouchy. Fortunately, my bad mood did not last long, as I immediately headed north to pick up my new pets: two chinchillas!
I'm still not sure which is which, at least in pictures. Hutch is slightly smaller,
as the males tend to be, and Lou Lou's ears are proportionally larger. But I can't
tell which is which here! Maybe in a few days.
They're about 5 years old, and their former owner is moving and no longer had the time for them. For some reason, she decided I would be a good owner (I mean, I will be, I'm just not sure what made her think so, too), so after getting Lou-Lou spayed, they are now mine! And they are SO CUTE. And SO SOFT. It is amazing. Hutch was originally part of a pair (Starsky and Hutch, natch), but Starsky died young, so Lou Lou was purchased to be his friend.

I know this is Hutch.
One of them is running in the wheel, while the other
is gallivanting around the cage.
They're living in my old bedroom, right next to the boudoir whose vanity houses my makeup, so I will be seeing them every morning when I'm getting ready (and when they're getting ready for bed, ha! Silly little nocturnals). They'll probably become a regular part of the blog, unless anyone is vehemently anti-chinchilla. Even if you are, though, watch this video:

One of them cleaning their nose with their TINY LITTLE PAWS.

I'll post again once I have portraits of them (accurately identified), but...they're pretty much the cutest things ever. Post-Sephora debacle bad mood banished by the power of dense fur and TINY LITTLE PAWS!
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