Monday, November 18, 2013

Manicure Monday

Betcha didn't think I'd be posting again so soon, didja? I'm so on top of things, guys.

Sinful Colors Ice Dream
I saw this one at the drugstores last winter and passed on it, only to later decide I wanted it and go back to find it gone. So I was very happy to see it again this year, and snatched it right up! It's a very sparkly, very pretty silver shimmer with blue small hexes (I think they're hexes, at least; they're very wee!).
You can build it up to opacity on its own in 3 coats, but I was lazy and just did it over one coat of Wet N Wild Silvivor, which gave almost exactly the same effect. Only one coat of top coat needed, too. Very wintry! Here's hoping we get snow this year so I can wear it and feel like the Ice Queen.

Butter London Scoundrel
This was a gift from my friend V, and it joins The Black Knight in my beloved friend-gifted, expensive-and-beautiful section of my nail stash. It's a beautiful warm purple-mauve that looks different in different lights, sometimes looking nearly neutral, others very decidedly purple.
Here, it looks pretty bright and warm, but sometimes it's
darker and cooler. Fun!
The formula is great, very easy to apply, and it's opaque in two coats. I layered Lavishly Lilac on my ring finger for rather unnecessary reasons, but I want to see how it looks paired with Chaotic. It's also really pretty on its own––surprising for me and cremes! It dries super shiny, too, but I have a tendency to ding my nails pretty much immediately, so I topped it with top coat anyways (and it was a good thing, because I managed to knock my middle finger against the bottle no more than 30 seconds after applying top coat, which fortunately evened itself out nicely!). Gawgeous.

Zoya Payton
I love Blaze and Storm, so when Zoya released a vampy plum scattered holo with their winter collection, I wanted it. And when they had BOGO free + free shipping for Halloween, I ordered it! (The other polish will be featured in a future MM.)
There was sunshine!
It's everything I'd hoped it would be: rich, complex, subtly glimmery and very plush. It's opaque in two coats, and I love it. I shall be wearing it with great gusto throughout the season, and beyond.

What do you think? Any polishes you've been loving lately?
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