Monday, June 3, 2013

Manicure Monday

I haven't been wearing new nail polish lately, preferring to stick to my tried and trues, but I got this one from Birchbox when I had 20% off and a $10 coupon (along with LMdB Framboise Crème, which I will review at some point) and figured I might as well give it a go. The polish in question: Ruby Wing Poppy.
Before. I could not get my camera to capture how bright this shade is. It's also much more pink and less red than it looks here.

The Ruby Wing polishes are color changing in sunlight, which is the coolest thing ever you guys holy balls. Poppy goes from a lovely bright, nearly neon pink (it freaked my camera out, see above) to a vampy warm burgundy; it takes about 20 seconds for the transformation to complete, and about a minute for it to return to pink once removed from the sun. It will change somewhat under cloudy skies, but they have to be that kind of glowy cloudy, not absolutely overcast. The most fun part is holding your hand such that half the nail is exposed to sun while the other half is in shade––you get awesome gradient effects.

The formula is good, though a little thick, so you have to be sure not to have too much on the brush; it has a jelly-creme finish and needs topcoat to be really shiny. From the one time I've worn it, it lasted about average, and dry time was fine. The biggest issue I have with it is the smell. It's been scented with synthetic rose, from what I can tell, and it is strong. I'm not crazy about how nail polish smells usually (who is?), but at least it goes away quickly. This lingers, for more than 24 hours, even once topcoat has been applied. It is less than ideal. By which I mean, I hate it. But the color changingness is awesome enough to make up for it, I guess. Fortunately, they make many shades (30), most of which are unscented. I think I might have to order more. They have one that's purple holographic color-changing glitter! How am I supposed to resist that?! Gah. Nail polish is the best.

Really after.

$8-10 for 0.50 oz, available from Birchbox, Ruby Wing, eBay, various nail design websites

Have you tried color changing nail polish?
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