Thursday, October 17, 2013

ARTDECO Perfect Color Lipstick 82 Review and Swatches

We've been enjoying a resurgence of sunshine and relative warmth, very welcome after record-breaking rain at the end of September. Of course, school has started, and though I am not taking much in the way of classes, I am still teaching (in a tragically windowless room!), and between that and research (in a tragically windowless lab!), I've not had much time for blogging. My apologies! Here is a long-overdue review of a lipstick I purchased in Berlin.

I wanted a fuchsia lipstick, as I didn't have a proper one (lipgloss stain, yes, but not lipstick), and a visit to Douglas led me to the Artdeco [too lazy to continue writing it in caps] display where I became enamored with the Perfect Color lipstick in 82.
L'Oreal Infinite Fuchsia on top, Artdeco 82 on bottom
The pigmentation is wonderful, and the texture pleasantly creamy; it isn't goopy, feels quite lightweight, is nicely moisturizing, and makes my lips look pretty and healthy. It does, unfortunately, fade from the center outwards, so I have to be careful to keep it well-applied to avoid a mouth ring, which means I reach for it less often than I might otherwise. Still, the color is beautiful, and the packaging minimalist perfection––it's made of metal, too, and is gloriously weighty! Plus, it's scent- and taste-free. I find I get about an hour and a half before I need to touch up in the center; though initial application takes some care, due to the rich color, subsequent touch-ups are straightforward and don't even really require a mirror.
I like it, but I don't love it like I do Pinkadilly Circus (which cost slightly more than 1/3 as much, so...). If you like your lipsticks creamy and pigmented, you should definitely check out Artdeco's Perfect Color line, especially if you're a sucker for great packaging!

Artdeco isn't available in stores in the US, but they can be purchased from Beautybay, which has free international shipping, albeit the price is higher ($17.20 for this particular shade, which is apparently called Pink Cabaret). They're also available throughout Europe; I purchased mine from Douglas in Germany. Grade: B€9,50 for 4 g/0.14 oz at Douglas, $17.20 at Beautybay

Have you tried anything from Artdeco? Is fuchsia a shade you gravitate towards?
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