Sunday, August 31, 2014

Fun with Mascara: Maybelline Great Lash Royal Blue

I wear foundation/concealer/brows (and to a lesser extent blush) because I think they make me look better, but eyeshadow/liner/lipstick because they're fun. I realized a few weeks ago that mascara, long part of the first group, comes in colors and could therefore become fun, too! So when I found a bunch of the Maybelline Great Lash colored mascaras from last summer at Grocery Outlet for $2.99 apiece, I picked up the blue and teal ones. I've only opened the blue, since I currently have 3 other mascaras in rotation (I don't know how that happened, either), and have been playing around with it. And guys, guess what? It's fun.
this is what fun looks like, y'all.
It's also kind of a pain in the ass to apply, since in order to get the pigment to show up on my dark lashes, I have to do 3 coats, and in order for my lashes to not get stuck together in ugly clumps, I have to lashcomb after every coat, so the whole thing takes me ages. But,! I've found that I have to apply and then gently curl, as the mascara will loosen any curl done beforehand, but all the layers do help give it a bit of an uplift, so if you don't wear glasses against which your lashes bump when not curled, you could probably get away without that step.

For this look, I did the whole complementary-colors thing with Wet N Wild Comfort Zone left eyelid shade on the lid, right definer shade in the crease, and a tiny bit of the left browbone shade in the inner corner. I attempted an ombre liner with, from inner corner out, Rimmel Turquoise, NYC Moody Blue, and Tarina Tarantino Cute Robot*, but the latter two aren't distinct enough to tell apart on the eye. The whole thing took me a thousand years to do, but it's summer and I had the time :) Le Métier de Beauté Echo** is the blush, and Revlon Milan Moment topped with with Lancôme Corail Cabriole (both to be reviewed) is on the lips, to continue the orange-blue contrast. From a distance, the eyes aren't nearly as bright and bold as they look up close, but still, it's a nice (fun!) effect.
The blue is available at the usual online haunts (and maybe in store, I've never bothered to check), but it appears that the other shades (including the to-come teal) were LE. However, if you have a Grocery Outlet nearby and want some cheap colored mascara, I'd suggest looking there! Lots of high-end brands have blue mascaras, but I wish there were more drugstore options readily available. I want a deep, vibrant green, dangit!
*Won in a giveaway

What do you think of colored mascara? Do you have any recommendations for others to try? What are your fun products?
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