Thursday, May 19, 2011

My First Post!

So, um, hi!  I can't imagine anyone is actually reading this, but if someone is, I wouldn't want you to feel unwelcome.  I honestly don't know if this blog will end up being something I'm able to regularly do, but I'd like to hope so!  I'm pretty OCD when it comes to makeup and skincare--I want what works best for me, cheaply, which can be a challenge. I research obsessively, and hope that I can provide others with some tips I've gleaned. I figure, since I'll be compulsively experimenting with things anyways, I might as well make what I learn available to you!  Over the next few days/weeks/months, I'll try and go through what I've found that works for me, and what I'm still lacking.  I'm hopeful that this blog will help me organize my thoughts for myself, and serve as a way for me to keep track of what I like, what I don't, and what I'm still unsure of.

Some background about me: I'm a college student, though I've finished my final semester and am now just waiting to graduate in a week+.  I'm from Oregon, but have gone to school in Pennsylvania for the past 4 years--this has caused a whole new slew of skin problems and concerns that I've had to work on combating, which I'll discuss at some point (I hope!).  I'm extremely cheap, so it's really unlikely you'll find much full-price luxury stuff discussed here; however, I do have a preference for indie makeup brands and discounted mainstream mid-range brands, so there will be a fair amount of that kind of stuff.  I used to buy exclusively drugstore, but have come to realize that you can get much better quality stuff (overall, though there are some obvious exceptions, like the new Wet 'n Wild Color Icon palettes!) for the same price, if you know where to look.

I wear glasses, so I tend to prefer a more muted eye look--you won't see any of the wonderfully bold EOTD on here like you can at, say, Temptalia.  I'm very fair, though less fair than I'd previously thought (that will be discussed more when I talk about Alima!), and I sunburn extremely easily (and tan extremely minimally).  I tend to gravitate towards cool toned makeup and clothing, though I'm actually a neutral-beige skin tone.  I never wear orange, because I do not like it. I also don't do a nude lip, because it makes me look dead.  I'm still looking for my perfect MLBB shade, in part because my lip shade changes, making it hard to find just the one.  I use lip balm like a maniac, I don't like lipgloss (too sticky), and I've given up on nail polish (I can never get it perfect, and my OCD self won't allow anything less).  I have curly hair (between a 3a and 3b) that is going grey, and has been since I was 17; I started dyeing it over a year ago, though I'm not as diligent about upkeep as I should be.  I've battled with acne for more than a decade; it's been much better recently, thanks to a few changes in my routine (post to come!), and I have some other things I want to add in when I get home from school and have a bathroom to myself.

Three facts about me:
1) I speak German, understand Spanish, and hate French (too many nasalized vowels!).
2) I love, love, love eating; my mom was a double major in business and home ec, and used to have a catering company, so I grew up with fantastic food.  Coming to college and eating dining hall food was really hard--I had the Freshman 15 in the opposite direction (my grandmother's response when I came home for the summer: "You look like a skeleton!  Eat some cake!" which, of course, I was happy to do).
3) I sleep a lot.  Like, really a lot.  My ideal night's rest is 12-13 hours, and I love naps.
4 (whoops, I lied)) I am very verbose.  Obviously.

So, that's the low-down on me.  What's your opinion on nasalized vowels? Naps? Food? Verbosity?
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