Thursday, March 19, 2015


So it's been 3 months since my last post O_o How time flies. I've obviously not really been feeling the whole blogging thing, and don't know if that will be changing anytime soon, but wanted to check in and say hi anyways. Hi! Lately I have:

–Been learning Python, using How to Think Like a Computer Scientist (highly recommended; it's the only tutorial thing I've tried [and I've tried several of the big ones] that scales up difficulty at a manageable pace while still explaining a lot of different concepts)

–Been running subjects, and coding subject data, and teaching undergrads how to code subject data, and checking their coding, and working on conference abstracts and running models and trying to write a program to find phonaesthemes in Turkish (I've been running into problems with it taking up too much memory, blagh) and reviewing R and all the other fun things that experimental linguists get to do

–Continued translating a Turkish fairytale (Sevdalı Bulut, by Nazım Hikmet) with the help of my Turkish teacher. We hope to finish the line-by-line glosses by early spring term, and then I'll work on translating it into more natural, poetic English. Having never done anything translation-y before, it's very different from just learning a language! There's a lot of artistry in it, and it's been an interesting challenge. Our plan is to recruit someone(s) from the art department to illustrate it, and then work on getting the rights to have it published. Whee!

–Finished teaching another term, with another great set of students. Teaching is great, guys. If only it paid, like, twice as much.
From one of my students
–Been playing around with nail polish and eyeshadow and makeups and having fun with the stuff that I own (much of which I haven't reviewed, blagh again)
Some manis I didn't post on IG:
Zoya Sansa
Zoya Binx
Sinful Colors What's Your Number topped with
Finger Paints Motley
Zoya Wednesday topped with 2 coats
Orly Sparkling Garbage
–Dyed my hair blonde! And then retouched the roots, both with the help of my heroic mother.
current iteration; you can see my IG for the initial process
Bleaching your hair is seriously much work. If you're a dark brunette, I recommend: prepping with coconut oil, using 40 Vol developer (sure, it's more destructive, but you'll never get it past orange with anything less), picking a good toner (for platinum, Wella T18; I've used Wella T35 the past couple times, and I really like it for a darker, slightly more muted blonde––it's very close to the color my hair was when I was a little kid!), using purple shampoo (the Generic brand carried at Sally's is great) a couple times a week, and doing regular oil masks. My poor hair is so fried. But it's fun! I legit really like it. Though I don't know how long I'm going to be willing to go through the hassle...

–Made a hat, which I have never had chance to wear, since it has been so unseasonably warm (70 degrees right now, wtf) the last couple months.
Stone Path Hat made from Malabrigo Sock Yarn (shh,
don't tell) in ... Zarzamora, I think? I used a G hook to
get the gauge right. 
And I'm now working on a summer shawl and a cross-stitched bag for a friend!
Fantasm Shawl from Alpaca with a Twist Fino in 2020;
I seem to crochet tighter than others, so mine is smaller
than the pattern pictures. Still very pretty! And the yarn
is so, so soft. It's my first time using waste canvas to
cross stitch, and it's definitely different––much more
resistance from the bag fabric than typical Aida, so it takes
longer and I have to use an embroidery needle. I'm hoping
it will end up looking good, but I can't check until it's
all finished!
–Discovered that Turkish tea, while caffeinated, is not total murder on my digestive system! Hooray!

–Been posting semi-regularly on Instagram, because snapping a photo with my phone is easy peasy (and most of the pictures in this post were done that way, which is unfortunate, because my phone camera is not great. Planning to upgrade soon though!)

What have you been up to lately?
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