Friday, July 24, 2015

Fragrance Friday

Yep, it's back! I've got a big jar of perfume samples that I've decided to try and make my way through*. Rather than try and write complete summaries of them, I'm going to restrict myself to no more than a haiku-length review (17 syllables); this may sometimes result in some unusual formatting. I'll also include whether I'll keep the sample or not. It's an exercise in literary restraint! (This is not my forte, nor does it lead to the most informative reviews, but it's a fun new challenge for me, and hopefully entertaining for you to read.)
*yep, ending with a preposition, don't even try to sue me because I will linguistics the shit out of you.

Bond No 9 Hudson Yards
Hairsprayed fruit bouquet.
(And that bottle is hi-de-
ous. Two hundred bucks?!)
Judgment: Throw it out.

Tocca Giulietta
Another gener-
ic fruity floral, but at
least less synthetic.
Judgment: Pass it on.
Versace Yellow Diamond
Wait, didn't I just
smell this? I think it was called
Hudson thanks.
Judgment: Throw it out.

Anna Sui La Nuit de Bohème
More fruit than flower,
more "nice tween" than "sexy", but
less screechy is good.
Judgment: Pass it on.

Prada Infusion d'Iris
Don't like iris or
powder, but this I do. Soft
and classy. A win.
Judgment: Use it up.

By Kilian Love by Kilian
SWEET good gracious SWEET
Floral marshmallows, yet strange-
ly compelling.
Judgment: Pass it on.

Bottega Veneta Essence Aromatique
The nice original
But with salt powder. Don't like.
Why ruin the good?
Judgment: Pass it on?

It's fun to be sniffing things again! What do y'all think of these perfumes? And this new FF format?
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