Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Flormar "Pretty Lipstick" Cream and Gloss Lipstick P319 Review and Swatches

I received this as a gift from the lovely Sarah, like, a thousand years ago. I have quite the backlog of lippies, but thought I should start with one that I love, to get us off on the right foot. (#spoileralert, I guess?)
back when it was new and pristine
P319 is a richly pigmented satin+ finish warm fuchsia (I'm pretty bad at colors) lipstick.
left to right, cloudy day: Maybelline Vivid Rose, Revlon
Barcelona Nights, Flormar P319
left to right, under daylight lamp: Maybelline Vivid Rose,
Revlon Barcelona Nights, Flormar P319.
these pictures looked more different before Blogger got to them,
It's quite similar in color to Revlon Moisture Stain Barcelona Nights, but that one is glossier and slightly warmer. P319 matches my current pink hair really well, actually.
see? (my hair was still rather damp here, so it's sticking to my head
and hiding the pink. oh well.)
It has no scent or taste, and it wears like a dream. Lots of lipstick formulas give me the dreaded ring-around-the-mouth effect or sink into lip lines, because my lips are weird, but this one is just glorious color, no uneven fading, and easily applied. It's not moisturizing, but neither is it drying, and ... what more can I say? It's pretty great. The packaging is kind of cheap, but it's not fall-apart-cheap, so I don't care.

I wish there were a Flormar closer, because I want more shades. The only place I've seen Flormar is in Turkey, but it turns out they have stores all over the world (431 in total, including a few on the east coast, three in Berlin, and 165 in Turkey), so if you want anything (and trust me, you want this lipstick), I hope you're near one of those. If you're in Turkey, you can order from their website, though this lipstick line isn't showing up (it's there on the English website, though, where it's called Pretty Lipstick), so...who knows. Based on the prices for the other lipsticks, I'd guess this one runs around 20 TL (currently around $7.50 USD, and GODDAMNIT that is a good exchange rate, gotta get me back to Turkey). Totes worth it. Grade: A

Özet: Çok güzel, dayanıklı, rahat, fazla pahalı değil. Neden Eugene'de mevcut değil mi?!
"Are you sure you should be trying to write Turkish
online, Amy?"
(Türkçe'de hatalarım için özür dilerim. Çok iyi konuşamayabilirim, ama alıştırma yardım eder, değil mi?)

Have you tried anything from Flormar? What's your favorite lipstick formula? How do you feel about matching your lipstick to...other things? (I realize most people cannot match it to their hair.) 
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